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What should I ask my phlebotamist to test my bloods for prior to my next consultant appointment?

Hi, I was diagnosed with under active thyroid April 11 & i was fortunate to go through Bupa. However they stopped funding when this became apoarent it was a chrinic illness. Im now back into the NHS so i dont get to see the same Consultant every time i go. I started in 50mcg & went up regularly to 175. My last appt they put me down to 150 as they said i went over range. I was at 24 & max normal range is 22 apparantly. Before i go see my consultant i have to go have a blood test the week before & as im rather difficult to have it taken i see thr same one. She always asks me other than TSH anything else i want adding on. After reading many posts recently on here by the sounds of it i shoulf be asking for other things. I suffer horrendous leg pains, cant regulate my temperature, seem to be rather cold all the time. I used to have full thick hair - that's dissapearing at a fast rate, ive stoped losing weight but really dont eat much & struggle to exercise due to my pains. Other than that i am feeling good mentally - which i havent for some time. Apologies this is rather long but i would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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I am sorry BUPA has stopped funding you.

You may well be undertreated as you are still having clinical symptoms. I assume they dropped your dose due to your blood test result only and not because your were complaining over over-stimulation?

Ask to have a vitamin B12 blood test, bearing in mind that the range is too low and we should aim to have B12 towards the upper level. Vit D and also iron, ferritin and folate. Ask if she will do a T3 (some labs don't if your TSH is in range).

When you get a copy of your blood tests (always ask for a copy for your own records). Post again when you get your results and always put the ranges (as labs differ) and it makes a comment easier.


Thank you. Hopefully she will add all three on and cross fingers the lab do them for me.

The consultant had looked at the results & based his opinion more on they however I wasn't very well at the time. The previous test I was 15 - again I wasn't too well then.

But thanks to this site I understand a bit more than what I did when I last saw him (November last year) do at least I can be more prepared!!


I am afraid insurance companies always do this when they decide a condition is chronic.! However if you have an acute problem with it , they will normally cover it. I doubt you will have a choice of tests, but if you do, check what you have had,in the hope of at least getting the FT3 done!

Best wishes,



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