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High Thyroid Antibodies

I have had all the blood tests which show normal other than very very high Thyroid Antibodies. I am feeling very unwell but my consultant has sugested "Voodoo Medicine " of CFS and will not take account of the high antibodies. I do take 125mic levothyroxine for Underactive Thyroid he has put me on Steriods but they do not seem to be working. Has anybody else had this problem.

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I was diagnosed with high peroxidase antibodies six years ago and have progressively felt worse due to my failing thyroid ever since. At the beginning of this year I visited a doctor who listened to all my symptoms and felt that I may be suffering from candida. After being treated for candida my antibodies have reduced by half. I am still undergoing treatment but I feel so much better and have so much more energy and so many of my other symptoms have improved/disappeared as well.

Why don't you visit your nearest GP who is also a homeopath, and see if they think there is a possibility that you might have candida... hopefully you might experience the same results. Sometimes anything is worth a go.


Has your doctor explained why he is not taking account of the antibodies?

My Endo expects my antibody levels to flutuate within an upper and lower limit. Is this what your doctor means I wonder?


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