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More haste...less speed ......I think? Can anyone on T3 advise on how i might sort out my muddle?

More haste...less speed ......I think? Can anyone on T3 advise on how i might sort out my muddle?

Hi Guys...

Yes im in a muddle again! Im not sure how i end up in muddles...i always have a plan but they almost always go belly up!

All last year i have fought for a trial of t3 due to my ft3 levels always being at the bottom of the range and normal to high ft4 levels...indicating a possible conversion problem. Of course GP's and Endo's have scoffed and i am finally under the care of Dr P.

I started my trial of T3 just after xmas , after a palava with the postal system. Dr P recommended i drop my Levo to 50 mcg and start 12.5 mcg T3 , then double the t3 after 10 days. I read alot...and sometimes i think i read too much. Due to adrenal exhaustion which was diagnosed by a saliva test back in May, and reading Paul Robinsons book, i thought that (1) it would be better to clear the t4 out of my i stopped the Levo when i started the t3 and (2) the ct3m method would be more beneficial for my adrenals. Seemed like a plan.

Now im in a muddle because im not sure if im doing the right thing....i feel bad that im totally ignoring Dr P's recomendation . The dose seemed too much to start with?? The ct3m method i started off by dividing a 25mcg tablet into 4 for about a week....i did notice a little improvement, after that ive increased the first and second doses to 12.5 with the other 2 at 6.25mcg. I often forget to take the afternoon ones usually because im busying around...then the others are late. Maybe the one dose wud be better?? The mexican tabs (which arrived yesterday) also feel alot sure i could feel it spreading through my tissues...or i cud just be going mental finally.

I need to find the method which will make me feel better the quickest and safest....i really dont fancy thyrotoxicosis or tissue over-stimulation. I have to go back to work...ive been off for most of last sick pay ends in Feb and im facing re-deployment or termination of contract. Time is running out fast....

I saw occy health today and told him i do feel much better than i have done but that im not quite there yet but i am ready to return... i think he was a bit sceptical...after just 2 weeks of t3???? I am rushing myself to feel well so i can return to work. Am i kidding myself? On the way back to the car park a gent asked me where B block was...i hadnt a clue...i really should know as i work there! Doh!

I have definately felt brighter though, more energetic..but today at lunch time...i needed to sleep again, and havent needed too for a while. I noticed my temp dropped ( and i am more rubbish than i thought i was, at keeping track of pulse and temp). I know im hypo coz when things have been emotionally challenging, thoughts of wanting to run away or worse have crept back into my head...i havent heard from them for a while :( Im finding it very hard to come to terms with the fact that i am letting hypoT almost winning my battle.

I just dont know or cant make a decision on how to continue ...DR P's way or ct3m? If CT3M shall i double the dose and see what happens??? Shall i start the Levo again??

If anyone on t3 can guide me into making a reasonable really appreciate it...again ....mixed up and muddled up once again but sending you all a hug too...

Karen xxxx

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I feel for you. We want to get better so quickly, especially when we are given hope and it is never quick enough.

It sounds hopeful if you have felt improvement.

Remember Rachel at my support meeting? She has had fantastic results with T3 and I know that she wouldn't mind you getting in touch with her.

Search for Rachelb in the members directory and send her a private message.

Sue x


Hi Suze

Yes i remember Rachel...i will pm her today...thank you x


Hi Karen - glad to hear things are slightly better. I'm no expert on the CT3M but wonder what dose you are taking and how long before you get up? There is a STTM Facebook group which I found very helpful when I started CT3M - they have a lot of experience with it on there if you are interested? Xx


Hi Clare

i started off taking 6.25mcg in 4 doses through the day, the first dose an hour and a half before i rise which is generally 06.00am...vital signs stable, no side effects, slight improvement noted...i did that for just about a week. Since then, ive increased the first and second doses to bp has increased very slightly to around 130/78 ish and pulse on average is 78 at rest. My temp has been 37.37.1 but this morning dropped to 36.5 despite jamas,jacket,bedsocks!. I will try site thank you x


If you ask to join that group then you need to have your settings open rather than private so that they can have a quick look and see you are a real person and not and an endo or something :D You can then reset your privacy settings back to normal once you are approved. They like to see all your data - BP, temp and pulse - I'm afraid I don't really know how to interpret that info. xx



What have you done for your adrenals in the past 8 months? apart from recently taking t3?

Have you been taking loads of vitamin C? B vits in the form of nutri adrenal extra? Sleeping in a completely dark room at sensible times?

Plotting your temps 4 times a day and keeping a record of the daily averages? If the averages are stable then the adrenals are reasonable..... if they are all over the place then the adrenals need sorting. as T3 can stress them..

It's one heck of a jigsaw puzzle to fathom out and you need to be thorough..... I found the only quick fix for my adrenals was HC for a couple of years, followed up by sensible and sufficient dosing of thyroid hormones. I no longer need the HC, because I am on adequate, efficient replacement hormones (3 gr NT)..... The reason I believe my adrenals got in a mess in the first place was because I was undertreated for several years.

If you aren't taking in the right amounts of Vits C, B and thyroid hormones... the adrenals are going to struggle no matter what or how you dose....

G xx


Hi G

under Dr P i was on Nutri adrenal x, panthothenic acid, vit c, ferrous fumerate, co-enzyme q10, selenium, vit d, folate, b12...and i do still take these but i did stop the nutri adrenal x as in PR'S book it suggests reducing adrenal supplements, as your adrenas should be strong enough to cope before commencing t3.

K x


Yes I agree with the vitaminc C and B12 as well as CoQ10 (I am still taking these but have stopped the NAX per PR)


I'm on CT3M but when I gave up taking nutri adrenal it made me all jittery and the T3 seemed too "harsh" on it's own. Adrenal support makes the difference for me. I have wondered if NT would be better in that respect, but I'm reluctant to change a winning formula!


ye s with my temps dropping im wondering whether to re start nutri adrenal x Do you think i should do this before increasing the t3?

K x


I found keeping temperature graphs and monitoring my pulse helped me evaluate the difference between adrenal and thyroid issues when I started out self-treating. Dr Rind's site made a lot of sense to me ( .

I do remember starting on nutri adrenal and gradually upping my dose until my temperature stabilised and then working on increasing my T3 until it was stable at the right level. When I was at the full dose of T3 I started to reduce the adrenal support, but soon realised I still needed some to keep me on an even keel.


I was told but can't remember by whom that t4 can take up to 8 weeks to completely leave the system so this could be an added factor in your case. T3 takes a while to get used to and I think that each change to timing or quantity needs 3/4 days between it to evaluate the changes.

I think that on top of the adrenal support mentioned above, you are therefore, going to have to be patient and take time.

I've recently set up alarms/reminders to take my t3 as I forget when busy!

Good luck!



Thank you Mary x I read that too in P R's book


Hi when I stopped t4 and started my t3 I kept forgetting my t3 at specific times so very slowly moved to doses to bedtime and it seems to suit me just fine. I sleep all night although I still feel tiredish in the morning. It might be worth thinking about.

Jo xx


yes i ve been taking my last dose in the evening...i sleep very well now and even managed to come off the amiltriptaline. i dont feel quite so 'run over by a bus' in the mornings so i guess its working!


I now take 70 or 80 at bedtime and feel good. Just remember to up your dose slowly. and the very best of luck and good health.

Jo xx


Hi babycatcher

Can really empathise with your muddle and keep finding myself there too despite Good Intentions and lots of writing measuring etc.

Am still tweaking my T3 and Adrenal support.

I seem to need NAX x 1 and NA x 2 to best help the T3.

I am trialling times and doses of T3 and wondering about the impact of ferritin which for me has been an ongoing issue.

From the above by Jkars I think the Dr Rind re - checking variations my be my next best step.

Hope you find a good way too!



I have been on T3 for about 3 months and during that time I have had a couple of telephone consultations with Dr P and eventually another consultation. This contact with him was very helpful and reassuring because there seems to be a huge variation in what is the right dose for different people and I think I don't need a very big dose at all. It is still early days but I feel better this week and I'm only on 32 mcgs whereas I was at one point feeling terrible on 68 mcg!

I also had an absorption problem and that is why it didnt seem to be working (although I didnt know that until Dr P spotted it). Dr P suggested taking Nutrigest and, more to the point, a course of Eco Balance which i think has re-balanced my digestive system although it is early days since the course has ended. I think you really do need to work quite closely with someone knowledgeable in the early days. Good luck.


Thank you... Yes I will arrange one of those with him x


Hi, I am being really naughty and haven't read all the previous comments as I am rushing out!

I have been on T3 only for 18months now and am very well. I too originally saw Dr Peatfield when I came to the conclusion that this was the only path for me. I actually used Paul Robinson's method because he had just written his book and Dr P hadn't yet had much experience with T3 only treatment protocol.

Firstly I would say have you tried switching to Armour first? then if that doesn't work I would recommend clearing your system of other T4 containing meds by going cold turkey for as long as you can stand - usually about 5 days and then start T3 only.

Mixing T3 with Levothyroxikne is a pretty difficult thing to calculate and in my experience only prolongs the problem because ultimately you are probably building up a RT3 problem which will need to be cleared.

Bottom line is that if you have paid to see Dr Peatfield, get your money's worth as he is a national treasure and has incredible knowledge of course.

I used the CT3M to support my adrenals and found that after switching to this (I take my first dose at 5am) everything slipped into place and I reduced my dose from 75mcg to 62.5 after 10 weeks.

But it really takes time. I had to chuck my job and have only just reached a place within the last six months where I could consider returning to work. I did feel wonderful within days of starting on T3 but that is then followed by false starts and readjustments, so take it slowly.

Also get an alarm watch because you can't afford to forget any doses and must be religious about the protocol.

Hope this helps



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