Technical issues - please be patient

Vinay from Health Unlocked has informed me that, due to stress on the server, they are trying to balance the load so we may experience some problems with the site being slow or problems with comments not posting while they are completing this work.

Please be patient. They expect the work to be completed by tomorrow at which point we will hopefully see these issues disappear.

Carolyn x

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  • No worries - I did have to re-post but it uploaded the 2nd time.

  • Thanks for letting us know. It is very funny as I told them this a while ago, I was quite rudely told it was me!


  • Well done Jackie - on the ball , AS USUAL!!!

  • Hi Jackie

    That's odd, HU Tech are generally helpful and polite! :-(

    Sorry about that.



  • They've always been good with me too. Sorry they weren't so helpful with you Jackie :(

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