Off tomorrow for a TT

Well it has finally got round to the date. I have been taking tablets to reduce the levels of Thyroid in my system so that this op will be possible. I am now at a safe limit so it is going ahead.

I am so concerned because I still feel so poorly and this is with my thyroid levels reduced (from being very high). The only thing that is keeping me going is the hope that after this I am going to start to feel better.

My throat is now sore and swallowing is becoming a real issue (I have a toxic growth on my thyroid) so I know it has to come out but I am so scared of the surgery and all that is involved and terrified that I will still not feel well and that I am suddenly going to have yo-yo weight problems and as I can't even remember what normal energy levels are like, I am scared I may never get back to that.

Everyone around me can see that whilst I was only diagnosed 3 months ago, I have been in decline for at least a couple of years (energy, anxious and irritable) and they all expect that by this time next week I will be a re-born person. I hope this is the case but the pressure to achieve this, when I realise that I am now about to enter into a phase of my life that I cannot just control myself, is almost overwhelming. I have masses of work to do (writing and editing) and a very tight deadline to meet a couple of weeks after the op and it is assumed I will be OK for this - I hope those around me are right!

I have had a migraine every day for the last 7 days and wonder if that is just stress or the medication. Usually I would get about one migraine a month. So this has put my work back even further as I simply have not been able to look at a screen.

Anyway I have just got my bag out of the cupboard and I am going to start to pack for hospital. Fingers crossed that I will be coping with it all by next weekend.

All the best to everyone

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Good luck for tomorrow and keep us posted to how you are.

Tina x

Good luck France x

You will relieved when it is all over. I wish you a speedy recover.

Good Luck, Hope you feel better soon x

Good luck - hope everything goes well and look forward to hearing an update :) xx

Good luck! x

Good luck! really hope you feel better soon x

Yes, good luck. You'll home before you know it. x

Good luck France, I only had a PT but did feel much better after, hope you do too x

TT is the best thing that happened to me it will help you too

Wish you well, we'll all be thinking of you xxx

I think it helps to view your journey to health as a marathon, not a sprint. The good news is that it is possible to feel better; the other news is that it takes constant attention and an unending commitment to achieving optimal health. I had a TT in June 2012 and am still working on getting better. I am still working on getting on the right dosage of the right med. Then there's the diet and exercise to lose the 35 pounds gained in 3 months, and addressing the symptoms of Hashimoto's. If I don't commit to learning all I can about my thyroid problems, then acting on what I learn, I will never achieve the quality of life I expect. I wish you well!!!

i all best for today i hope you get well soon kind thoughts brenda

I do hope everything goes really well for you. try not to expect too much too soon, just take it all slowly. all the best.xx

Good luck -hope all goes well. xx

Thank you for your replies.

I was admitted on Monday and operated on very early Tuesday and came home this afternoon (Thursday). I am so pleased to be home, I am not sure how anyone rests or relaxes in hospital and I was left feeling a real sense inadequacy at how I needed to get home so quickly when some people have to endure endless treatment and hospitalisation.

I did not know it was possible to have such a sore neck and how so much of my movement affects my neck/throat. No voice but even with all the bruising etc. I can feel a sense of relief that the thing has gone and somehow I feel more like 'me'.

My post op blood tests showed up a lack of calcium (which I guess is common) so I was fed what felt like liquid concrete all night before a further test this morning. This test showed up an increase in calcium levels and so I was released. It snowed so heavily over-night I did wonder if my husband would be able to collect me - but gingerly we made it and now I am going to work my through my supply of English tea, whilst the swelling goes down.

A night in my own bed and then I guess the start of life on the tablets.

Glad to hear you are home safe :) Thanks so much for posting an update as I was wondering how you got on. Hope you have the chance for a good rest to get over the op. xx

Glad it all went ok, just wondered if you'd seen this blog:


x :-)

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