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amitriptaline and thyroid meds

I was going to take my thyroxine at night but i also take amitripaline for fibromyalia pain and sleeplessness and it works well, my question was going to be should i take them at the same time, so i googled the question and it seem you shouldnt take them together at all, there is a warning here

about taking amitriptaline and thryoxine and taking amitripaline whilst having an under active thyroid gland cant see exactly why yet again probably another reason to see my gp.

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I assume this will be the GP who prescribed them both or at least acquiesced by issuing repeats?

I don't disagree at all with you raising the issue, just don't have high expectations.

Here is a quote of how thyroxine and amitriptyline are known to interact:

Interactions between your selected drugs

amitriptyline ? levothyroxine

Applies to:amitriptyline and Synthroid (levothyroxine)

Exogenous thyroid may accelerate the onset or potentiate the action of tricyclic antidepressant effects. The mechanism and clinical significance is unknown. Some clinicians have used this interaction therapeutically. However, individual cases of paroxysmal tachycardia, hypothyroidism, and thyrotoxicosis have been reported.

Indeed I recommend this site for checking interactions with other medications, supplements foods and disorders:

Just be warned that it is a US site so uses American names, brands, etc.

You are so right to check up yourself. And one of the difficulties with thyroxine is the sheer number of interactions it has - whether things that affect absorption (of which there a huge numbers) or things that affect binding, utilisation, etc.



It's really hard to know I said to my GP about my meds and he said sometimes it can't be helped ...... not much help at all really , but I suppose sometimes it's just true !!

Jan x


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