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Antibotics and thyroid meds

Taking trimoptin for urinary tract infection. I'm making sure that I've at least 5 hours between antibotic and thyroid meds. I'm on them 3 days still 2 days left to take but my body is tingling legs and arms and it only started yesterday. I was having trouble with tingling in arms and legs but when I got B12 injection and supplemented with B12 all eased. Is the antibotic causing this to happen has anyone else ever experienced this. I'm still taking my B12 1 a day should I increase it or wait till I stop the antibotic.

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Mauds I think your symptoms might be because Trimethropin depletes B12, so once you're off the antibiotics this should improve. Definitely have an extra jab or some extra sublinguals for the time being. In fact it affects the other Bs as well, so maybe add a good B-complex too.



Thanks its driving me mad and I've only just got rid of it.


Are you taking any folate / folic acid? Trimethropin is actually a folate antagonist and since you're already taking B12 it could actually be folate that's the issue, thinking about it. Do you know your folate levels? It's a trap lots of people fall into, taking B12 without any folate. They need each other.


About 6 weeks ago my folic acid was 8.5 and Ferritin 141 but I've been on two lots of antibotics since then so I'd say I've taken a battering. What would you recommend and how much should I take each day. I didn't know I needed to take it with B12 Thanks


That's quite low for folate in someone with B12d. Can I just ask how often you get injections and are they hydroxoB12? Also are you supplementing with MethylB12? Your options are folic acid or methylfolate. It's trial and error as to which one works best for you. I talked about this somewhere else the other day, think it was here:


Or you can get 5mg of folic acid from Amazon:


H x


My B12 was 339 then my doc said I wasn't deficient but I know thats on the low side so I got around him to give me a B12 shot and that would do for 3 months I dont know what type of injection it was. I am taking sublingual B12 which I dissolve under my tongue plus Cod Liver Oil capsuls I was taking Magnesium but stopped because of infection in Kidney.


Oh OK. It's a shame he didn't give you the loading dose first (6x injections over 2 weeks). It would have been HydroxoB12.

If you want to push for more injections have a look at the new guidelines and highlight anything relevant to you, and bring to the doc. There is loads of stuff in there that he will not know, or won't be aware of:


If you want to carry on with the methylB12 sublinguals then maybe look at the advice I gave the other day in the link above.



Would a B12 complex be better for me I was looking at Solgar take one capsul per day


You should definitely take a B complex, but you will need extra folate/folic acid because they tend to only contain 400mcg which isn't usually enough to raise levels. You need at least 800mcg, maybe more.

You need to make sure the B complex contains all 8 B vitamins, and watch out for the dose of B6, we usually recommend no more than 60mg as you will be getting some from food as well. Too much B6 can actually cause neuropathy, although at what amounts is debatable.

And if you are on methylB12 then its probably best to try methylfolate first. So check the Solgar B complex you are looking at to see if it contains folic acid or methylfolate, or you can get it anyway and just add separate methylfolate, Solgar do various strengths:



It contains B 1 100 mg, B 2 100 mg

Niacin B3 100 mg, B6 100 mg Folic acid 400, B 12 as cobalamin 100 mg Biotin as d-biotin 100 mg, Pantothenic Acid B5 as d-calclum pantothenate, Inositol 100 mg and Choline as choline bitartrate 20 mg so the dose of B6 is too much I will go on the one you recommend I live in Ireland so where will I get it thanks


Phone up Breakspear and ask if they deliver to Ireland, they're number is on the website here:


The Pure Encapsulations B-complex plus costs £17.60 for 120 capsules, which is really good value for a quality supplement (on Amazon it's extortionate). And you could always take 2 of them per day to get your 800mcg of folate. I take this one, it's really good. Got hubby on it as well.


Thanks I won't have to take the B12 along with the B complex am I right


No I'd take the sublingual as well, better chance of absorbing that than from the oral route. You can't have too much, take at least 5000mcg in sublingual form.




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