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Doctors and Receptionists

Well I had my blood test again monday to see how my TSH levels were, got a phone call from the doctor that night to ask me what I had been doing, confused i said what do you mean, she replied your TSH has gone through the roof from 1.4 to 52 and then she preceeded to ask how I was feeling and surprised that I was still standing, advised me to up my thyroxine which will inevitably lower my TSH.

At work yesterday when I received a phone call from the Doctors where upon the receptionist told me that all my "results were normal" and that I had to make an appointment to see the doctor. When I asked why if my results are normal why I had to see a Doctor, she said that is what is written on the computer.

I could not be bothered to say if my "results are normal" why is my TSH 52.

I really despair at the professionals, I myself am a receptionist at a vets and noway would I give blood test results to anybody about their animal as I am not clinically trained.

I really dont think 1 hand knows what the other hand is doing, it beggars belief. I really dont understand why I cant get a happy medium I keep saying this but everything has gone wrong since Ive been diagnosed with PA

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I agree with you. Receptionists shouldn't give people their results, I don't think they should even be able to see them. There isn't much privacy if they can.



I would have probably blurted out that I had already spoken to the docs on the phone who had said they were not mormal so which is it and also why do I need to see them if I had already spoken with them on the phone.

Your right though one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, generally if my blood test results are 'normal' i don't get phoned at all I will have to phone them, mind you if it is thyroid related I just make an appointment for about a week later anyways as I want to discuss and compare.

Our receptionists will say if results are normal or not but won't go into detail, if a doctor hasn't seen them they won't tell you a thing and I even had a receptionist tell me she wasn't a doctor so she wouldn't give them out i had to make a phone appointment with a GP.


They can see your notes but are bound by the same confidentiality agreement as your GP who do you think put all the letters from specialists on the computer system so the GP can read and review them? (I know this as my sister has worked in a gp office and now works at reception in a hospital)


I'm not sure it's always the receptionists fault. I always get print outs of my blood tests and noticed that they say at the top(well they used to) 'Tell the patient normal'. That's even if they weren't normal!!!! It is shocking but nothing surprises me anymore :(


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