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Its official I have lost weight after nearly 7 years !

Hi everyone I have seen my Endo today and as usual I was weighed in my clothes without shoes and I happen to be in the same clothes as before.

Its official since I went 3 months ago I have lost 7 lb. The answer to his after nearly 7 years of trying since they removed my Thryoid is this:

I had weight lose hypnosis at the end of October and 2 sessions also in November and finally hospital scales agree with mine.

As the rest of the day has been crap for all sorts of reasons its nice that this is working.

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This is very happy news for you, especially as we have had Christmas too when it is very difficult to avoid foods.

Well done.


wow, good for you, nice boost for the beginning of the year. Onwards and upwards!



Oh well done! That is great.

How much would you like to lose in total?

I finally lost weight in 2012 too, I lost 7.5 kg and would love to lose another 10kg which would take me back to my normal adult weight ie pre-thyroid, 58kg (just over 9 st).

koala x


I would like to lose the 5 stone I have put on since my op to start with then another stone or two would be good. x


Thats Great news well done!!!


congrats! But remember every 10 pounds that you lose get your tsh level checked.this could mean a change in medication and keep your weight loss going.


Thanks I had not thought of that but the endo wants to see me in 4 months again.

He took bloods yesterday and i have a form to get them done before i see him next time so that might be about right. x


congratulations! good for you that should give you a bit of a boost!


Thanks everyone for your comments after nearly 7 years of only putting weight on or the lose of a pound or two and then it going back on its nice to see it going and i hope saying off.


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