Extreme hypo symptoms and lady hormones:

Hey all...

This one is mostly for the ladies, but I'm totally ok with anyone willing to chime in.

Around mid-cycle it's like EXTREME hypo symptoms come out. I've been dealing for two years of feeling like hell but in the past year, it's like EXTREMEEEE hypo symptoms present themselves. Tingling, fatigue, feeling extreme chills by night, etc.... I can't even force myself to work out and I feel such malaise. What gives? I've posted labs before but I'm so sick of feeling this as well... I'm on synthroid and feel like my meds are really causing the brunt and rearing their true ugly head around ovulation time. Any others?

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  • I stand by what I said on your last post - which you didn't appear to notice :

    "The difference in the TSH isn't at all weird, when you consider the time difference. It's bound to be higher at 8.30 am than at 2.30 pm. And far from you being over-medicated, you actually need an increase in dose. Your FT3 is too low for you to feel well. "

  • Oh no, I noticed your reply, and I appreciated it immensely. I just am unsure how much more I can go as I tend to feel utterly horrible regardless of the dose. However, this post is fairly new, as in the past six months pertaining to the symptoms... and that's when my TSH was also at 0 and the frees were a bit, albeit only slightly, higher. I'm sure you can understand my frustration and desperation in trying to accrue some logic behind it...

  • Well, if your FT3 is too low, it's perfectly logical that you have hypo symptoms. It's nothing to do with the TSH.

  • out of your experience, and i trust it because you selflessly proffer such great feedback to so many of us here, would you suggest adding in T3 then? or just going up in T4 more? being an irritable, sleepless, anxious mess doesn't look good on me after two years now... just utterly exhausting and would like to feel better so that maybe i can finally get to where i can mourn my thyroid finally... i trust this site more than most others, by far.

  • Well, you seem to be converting ok. You just don't have enough to convert. However, if you can get hold of T3, given that you don't seem to like levo, trying to add in some T3 might help. Who knows. It's all trial and error.

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