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Chronically, don't know what to do


Hi, Ive known for some time that I have a problem with dehydration as

1.always thirsty, stays up for over 20 seconds when I pinch the back of my hand

3.Nurse couldn't get blood out of my arm the other day

4. been suffering from water retention in my legs

and then today I tried out some new scales that I bought off of Amazon, that measure weight, water and body fat. my sisters water percentage was 45, my partners was 44. mine is 15!!! I have done it about 5 times and its always the same

I like water and I drink a lot of tea, it just seems that my body cannot get it into my cells, it seems to go straight through me

Anyone have any ideas what my problem could be, and more importantly what I should do?

thanks T

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I'm no Dr, and I would suggest that you go to see yours!

In the meantime I wonder if something like Dyralite would help? I know it's used for people that have had stomach bugs and bad diarheaa which leaves them dehydrated. It's available over the counter.

tingles in reply to Wired

Hiya wired, thank you I am, seeing her on Monday x

I have the same problem, water goes in and straight out. I've had this all my life and I didn't ever think it could be related to the thyroid (still don't). I drink about 2 litres a day and the drink has to be as pure as possible otherwise it doesn't satisfy me. Sugary drinks don't quench my thirst as it does for some people.

tingles in reply to AnthonyMs

thats interesting, I dont drink sugary drinks, only tea, water and occasional half glass of milk. The skin test on the back of my arm is very indicative of a problem as far as I can see, the skin just stays up forever virtually,

I will let you know what my doctor says x

thanks for your reply, I do have a doctors appt on monday, I have been waiting just over 3 weeks for it, it was originally to request referral about my hip that needs replacing. But I am going to discuss this issue now.

thanks T



Would you say you are excessively thirsty or unable to quench your thirst - not quite the same as being dehydrated? Jane x


I had problems with thirst which only arose a couple of months ago. I've never had problems with it before. I relate mine directly to my thyroid. After a few weeks of absolute hell (won't go into detail) my body finally sorted itself out and I felt normal again. However a couple of days ago it was quite warm, plus I didn't eat or drink as much as I would have normally, and the result seems to be that I have triggered the thirst again. It just seems to go straight through me and like you, sugary drinks don't quench my thirst either. It has to be tea or water/sugar free squash. I saw my GP loads of times about this and had loads of tests as I was really quite worried due to other symptoms which seemed to be connected, however nobody could work out what it was and they ended up putting it down to a migraine symptoms - which I didn't believe for one moment. I was genuinely thirsty and if I didn't drink I felt dreadful. It was all rather complicated and nobody got to the bottom of it but my gut feeling is that it is thyroid related. Mucopolysaccharides soak up water and I think that has something to do with it but I really couldn't hazard any more of a guess about what's going on! Hope something here's is helpful lol. Sorry for waffling on. xx

tingles in reply to Hidden

Hi Diamond, thanks for replying. can you tell me what tests the doctor did? I am wondering if there is something wrong with my mitral valve as I have such horrible water retention too and am a bit breathless.

will google mucopolysaccharides as never heard of that! Lol

Thanks xxx and you didnt waffle on at all, you were very helpful and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply :)

HI Sounds like the first symptoms of Diabetes,, similar symptoms to start with to auto immune thyroid disease. Diabetes auto immune and hormonal, you do not have to be over weight etc.have a Glucose and especially Hb1Ac tests. Best wishes,


In case you do not know, to reply to some one so that they receive your post, click on "Reply to this" under that post.

tingles in reply to Jackie


Jackie, yeah I always keep that in mind as my mum and my cousin had it and both my babies were very big, 9 and a half and 10 and a half pounds. I have just had a blood test and go for the review soon, so fingers crossed about that!

I did have a HB1ac test before and it was ok x

Jackie in reply to tingles

Hi It depends on how long ago, and if it was borderline, At risk , without symptoms should be repeated annually, if symptoms there then more often. Make sure you have the print out with ranges and results, then you know yourself if borderline etc. Also if dehydrated be sure to have U`s and E`s done,Watch especially that Potassium does not get too high in range, these are very important kidney tests. Repeat as needed Mean while try and follow the diabetic diet, not what you would expect. Also not always age related as autoimmune, hormonal.

Best wishes,


The tea drinking won't be helping, unfortunately. It makes you pee, which makes you thirsty. When you pee, you pee out minerals, and drinking a lot of tea can leave you with mineral deficiencies sometimes, which also increase thirst.

This won't happen to everyone, just to some unlucky people. I'm one of them - can't drink tea any more - maybe you're another? You could try cutting back on the tea drinking to see if it helps. It might not help, but it's a simple thing to test out.

I now drink coffee instead - stronger caffiene but less dehydrating. I can only manage one cup of coffee a day comfortably, but it's better than not having hot drinks at all.

tingles in reply to poing

thanks Poing, I will give that a try, I have been drinking less tea, but still drink lots!

Tan x

Have you ever had your adrenals tested? Try adding a pinch of salt to your water and see if things improve.


Hi grey, no I haven't, I have ordered a saliva test and just not got round to sorting it yet! Why, do you think it may have something to do with that ?

thanks for replying

T x

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