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Unprofessional Irish G.P

So, I have Hashi's. I am on Eltroxin and it's not working for me.

It's actually making me experience Hyper symptoms. I have been trying (gently) to get a prescription of Armour, just so I can try it.

Well, yesterday, I saw my G.P. I asked him about Armour and also, I needed advice on whether to stop Eltroxin or to cut down and by how much, due to heart palpitations and a pressure in my chest.

I was perfectly rational (Funny how I feel the need to write if poor G.P treatment is our fault!!)

He berated my for self-treatment or really, for having the audacity to think I know more than him. He didn't know what Armour was. Then, he told me to do whatever I want and he also asked me why I couldn't just be like all the other thyroid patients and take the Eltroxin and get on with it!

I said, I'd like to be treated for Hashimoto's and not Hypthyroidism. He got realy mad and I asked me what exactly I wanted him to do? I said, I'd like you to be a Doctor. Then I left.....

I am still quite upset about this and honestly, it makes me wonder why I even bother trusting his advice anyway, especially when he's made it clear he knows nothing about Hashimotos.

Rant over!!!



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Oh my god don't even get me started on GP's! I am on Eltroxin too and was put into the Coronary Care Unit before Xmas. I have Behcet's disease too so my case is complicated like yours too! I am hypo as well. I'm on Eltroxin and my bloods appear to be leveling out except my high cholesterol is not budging (doesn't matter how healthy I eat and being on Eltroxin isn't making a difference).

I had a doctor put me on the totally wrong meds before and I was hospitalised for 5 days. I have had a year of crappy health and in 2013 my New Years resolution is to say things as they are and not care what the doctor 'thinks' they know. Standing up to them and keeping your ground is key....they've started to listen to me now-FINALLY!!!

I hope you get somewhere with your doc!! :)


Hey Denise!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've read interesting articles about cholesterol, by

Dr.Mark Starr that may point you in some direction. Lots of love for 2013,

PJones. ;)


Cheers ! :)


Report him.


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:) Thanks& Best wishes!! x


Please complain about this outrageous behaviour. Good Medical Practice is the General Medical Council's Code of Practice for doctors. In the preamble, It states that

Doctors must work in partnership with patients

- Listen to patients and respond to their concerns and preferences

- Give patients the information they want or need in a way they can understand

- Respect patients’ right to reach decisions with you about their treatment and care

- Support patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health

Good Medical Practice also states at clause 7

The investigations or treatment you provide or arrange must be based on the assessment you and the patient make of their needs and priorities, and on your clinical judgement about the likely effectiveness of the treatment options.

i advise writing to him outlining his deficiencies,stating what he needs to do to rectify the deficiencies and state that he should treat your letter as a complaint to be kept in his evidence folder for revalidation.

he has to show the GMC how he deals with complaints at annual and 5 yearly assessments.

if he becomes belligerent I would report hi to the GMC.

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Hi there,NBob,

This G.P is in Ireland, and the complaints procedure is a little different. There is a Medical Council and I'm planning on following their directions for complaint. I don't have huge confidence in it, but we'll see!

Many thanks for your reply. :)


That's great. Good luck. More patients need to complain about poor doctors.


I concur!! ;)


HI Purr Jones

the Irish Medical Council has its own version of Good Medical Practice called


it will help your complaint by referring to this guidance and comparing what the Medical Council says how a doctor should behave to how he actually did behave.

For example the guide says in paragraph 1.2 that a doctor should

"show integrity, compassion and concern for others in your day-to-day practice,


develop and maintain a sensitive and understanding attitude with patients".

so you put in your letter what the guide says, then state how the doctor did not do that. To add more weight state what effect his behaviour has had on you e.g. no trust in profession, no help in getting better, remaining ill etc.

One other thing, Eltroxin has been the subject of legal claims for not working.

this states:

"Folks in New Zealand are up in arms, because a reformulation of the drug Eltroxin (a brand name of levothyroxine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline) appears to be causing problems in thyroid patients. Patients taking Eltroxin (which is government funded in New Zealand) are reporting all sorts of side effects and symptoms since the drug was recently reformulated.

According to a company spokesperson, the reformulation was necessary due to changes in the manufacturing operation, moving the production of the Eltroxin from Canada to Germany. While GlaxoSmithKline is saying that levothyroxine in Eltroxin is the same, there are new filler and binders in the reformulated product."

A similar story occurred in Israel

It may be a good idea to take another brand of Levothyroxine. Your doctor should know this.



Useful information, NBob....very useful.

And very kind of you to take the time to find this.

You're appreciated,



report this man. What a disgrace!


Sure thing, Carla!!! :-/


Agreed. Report him. He is in the wrong profession if you ask me. I too was put on eltroxin in 2010 as am highly intolerant to Levo. Boobs almost doubled their size in 6 months. So no more taking that then but, of course, has left a nasty legacy which I am now trying to get fixed. Didn't feel any better on it either. Seems it is the wrong meds for you.

The NHS has a moral obligation & responsibility to 1) provide efficient, sufficient & thorough testing BEFORE prescribing any kind of thyroid medication --- these test would include saliva test for adrenals & tolerance test, along with testing FT4, FT3, T1. T2, B12 Vit D etc along with questions about family history, previous hormone problems if any and current stress levels/lifestyle etc 2) fix/emend and side effects of said medication where is possible including operating if required to put patient back on some kind of track.

Off soap box.


Hiya snowstorm!

I wish they knew, here in Ireland, the correct tests they need to offer. Even if they knew the tests, I'm not sure they would see the bigger picture. I suppose it takes a few of us to insist on these things, before they will even query it!

I really hope your bobbie issue settles down. Donna Eden has great success with pain & magnets, you may like to check it out.

Best regards, lovie!


p. sorry forgot ---- boobs also became very sore and tender. It remains thus.


Thanks for mentioning this.what is that about I thought I was long over the tenderness years! Hoping to find some answers here.

As usual putting off mentioning it in surgery hoping it will go away and giving up underwired bras in meantime.

Vaguely remember mastitus being inflammation of breast tissue and my son having this at puberty??Off on another search..



YES! The underwires prevent decent energy flow to those womenly regions!! I don't have much, so it's easy for me to go without sympathy to those who need more support! :)


*'scuse me, Boobie...not Bobbie!! :D


Purrjones you are clearly not the 'sort' of patient he wants to help or listen to and He is absolutely not the Medicine Man you need.

A man of Yesteryear... when folk talked about being 'under Doctors Orders' and had to obey as though some Spirit of the Divine would strike them from the human race if they did not acknowledge Doctor always knew best?

My heart rate went up when read this... but hey you will find help.

I am betwixt and between well and not so and whilst my new GP has helped so much he admits his knowledge is limited and powers restricted.

Been such a ****up with referrals so to distract myself with my new Kindle went looking for a thrilling novel...instead found 'Sick Notes' by Dr Tony Copperfield.

The last thing I wanted was anything medical for relaxation however it has made me laugh so much (only read a few paras so far). He has been accused of being very negative about the NHS.

Had I known he wrote a snoozepaper column would have looked for it a long time ago.

If you have not seen or heard of him please take a quick gander and maybe we can pick up some jargon to throw back when there is poor communication in the surgery.

Onwards and upwards purrjones all the best.



Hiya Woolwyn!

Ahhh...your lovely, well-worded post made me chuckle heartily. My genuine thanks in appreciation.

Indeed, I find this particular G.P to be egotistical, at best. I know his wee I.d was dented when I mentioned the 'Armour' and he asked me to spell it. My composure embarrassed him, by holding up a mirror, methinks, which only made him angrier! He shouted at me...and when I left his office, I felt as if I had been sent to the headmaster!

I will look 'Sick Notes' up....I think I deserve a giggle. On another note, Bernie Siegel M.D, Love, Medicine & Miracles is a great book too.

Happy 2013, Wyn. :)


Thanks PurrJones..have just tittered my way through four hours traveling This Docs cussing and expletives from his side of NHS has curiously been cathartic. As a few years ago I feared I would become completely unhinged (in a medical environment) scream shout & tear the place apart. Not at anyone person (well maybe one two or five)but the ridiculous system that actually prevented good GP's exposing poor ones etc., etc.,

Off to Amazon to look for Love Med & Miracles...enjoying my new toy

p.s.My current GP had to look up NDT & Armour and reacted very differently to yours..but maybe he saw me coming with that one and was diplomatically trained to steer me off topic. Anyways it appeared it would be down to me to go private or figure out 'named patient' procedure. To date still on generic levo. There is one person in my area (pharmacy told me) receiving it on NHS but I do not know the circumstances.

Paul Robinsons story of getting well on T3 only is worth reading if you have not already?!

Healthy New Year to you too, Wyn


Hi again!

You Kindle has opened up a whole new, instantly gratifying world then? I can almost hear you salivating over fresh wisdom, through the ether.

Curiously enough, I just heard of Paul Robinson today. I'll be popping that book in my virtual basket, fo sho....along with 'Sick Notes', a'course! :)



Hi Purrjones, is your GP in Ireland or Britain? I visited an Irish GP in Ireland and found him rude and obnoxious (not my usual GP thank God). I told him i had seen a specialist in thyroid and dizzy problems and that the specialist said that if you get on better with eltroxin or Levo stick with them dont swop around. So i asked him for Levo telling him this and the GP told me this specialist was talking absolute rubbish and it was a pity there were people like that out there. I still asked for levo and when he wrote the prescription he said you should take the cheapest as "the state" is paying for my prescriptions!

I'm afraid in these instances there is a very traditional view of medicine and patient doctor relationships and i don't like it at all. Thankfully my normal GP isn't like this and its more two way, but i think her hands are tied in certain circumstances :(

Definitely report him, I also wonder sometimes if they look at us and think stupid women moaning again.....



You're so correct there! I feel like that too...a silly, complaining, emotional woman....and I try to be gentle and keep my composure. Even while being shouted at, I asked myself, what would I do if I was in parliament now and being argued with!!?? Haha! Perhaps the G.P's should do the same.

Did the Irish G.P make you feel sufficiently unworthy!??

Thankies, Bex...:)


Eltroxin is levothyroxine though?

"Eltroxin tablets and oral solution contain the active ingredient levothyroxine sodium (previously known simply as thyroxine sodium in the UK). Levothyroxine is also available without a brand name, ie as the generic medicine. Levothyroxine is the same as the hormone thyroxine, which is produced naturally by the thyroid gland"


Levothyroxine is a synthetic hormone and my point is, it isn't working for me. If it was, I would surely not be searching for something else.

Armour is natural and furthermore, bio-identical.


And the treatment for Hashimoto's is to replace the thyroxine?

Hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is treated with thyroid hormone replacement agents such as levothyroxine or desiccated thyroid extract. A tablet taken once a day generally keeps the thyroid hormone levels normal. In most cases, the treatment needs to be taken for the rest of the patient's life. In the event that hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, it is recommended that the TSH levels be kept under 3.0.[12] As long as the patient's thyroid is active, the body will continue to attack it, and this can wreak havoc on the patient's TSH levels and symptoms.


Yes, Issy. It's not this simple....but thanks.


Hi Purr, If your GP is in Ireland it is pointless reporting him - who would you report him to? If he is in the UK go ahead and report him, there is a system which supports patients in the UK but none whatsoever in Ireland. Levo didn't agree with me so I tried armour, and improved a little but my body can't convert T4 so I am now very well and happy on T3.

If you are a private patient in Ireland you can get GPs to prescribe armour and T3.

If you are on a medical card then it can be more difficult to get what you need.

I think it is important, when dealing with GPs in either country, to bear in mind that they are public servants, paid out of our taxes, and it is their duty to serve the community in which they practice. Some doctors seem unaware of this fact.

It is no wonder that so many of us only get better by self-medicating; with help from this and other very worthy sites and the lovely people who take time to share their knowledge and experience.

Good luck with your search for wellness!



Hey Finola,

Sounds like you know what you're talking about here.

For anyone from Ireland, who has experienced something similar, here is a link:

We don't have much choice, but to self-medicate, when we get these kind of closed-minded responses.

I'm genuinely so happy that you're on the right treatment for you and thanks for your positive reply.



Simply by having this awful condition, you actually do know more than he does. You experience the symptoms every day. And as "one size really does not fit all" it should be your right to exhaust every treatment you feel will help you.

That said, as a doctor he should be encouraging you to try all that is available to help you; he should be concerned only with contraindications with regards to other medications you are taking presently and be appreciative of the fact that by your research you are making his job easier.

I live in the US now, and it's not any better really...I can keep changing my endo until I find one that agrees with me, so currently I am stuck on synthroid 125...was on 150 of levothyroxine before...ever since my dose was changed and the levo changed to synthroid I have felt like chit and have gained about 40lb.

Good luck and let's know how it all pans out.




I know...right? :-(

The medical profession is a money racket, I'm sorry to say.

I had a notion it was much better in the US....but sounds like I'm incorrect about that.

When I told him I read about Armour, he said (shouted) to me that maybe I should STOP reading!

It's actually quite funny now, to imagine a 'professional', throwing a strop like that....but the reality is, it's just quite pathetic.

I feel your pain, I really do. It makes us powerless. Honestly, thank the powers that be, for forums.

Best of luck to you too, S.

:) X


Hy there, just read your post and thought I would reply as the way you was treated is diabolical, I really no how you feel, I currently went to see a stand in doctor as mine was on leave. my blood results shown hyper both private and nhs. He did nothing and ask what i wanted him to do arghhh I left the surgery with no help, he was a absolute ass. The problem was and still is I believe left untreated can be crucial. I am currently still angry with him and feel a letter of complaint will do nicely.

good luck, remember knowledge is power.



Hey Merissa!

Isn't this forum great, even simply for the reason that we know we're on alone with all this?! Sometimes I feel so bad for all the women who have to go through this kind of suffering, just because their G.P's aren't educated adequately about thyroid disease.

I hope you get heard soon. Hang in there and thanks so much for your lovely response.

P.J xox


Hi I hope you got on well since in finding a way to deal with your hashimotos. I had a very similar experience to you.. Getting palpitations, unable to sleep feeling like i was buzzing with electricity and sweating. I have noticed that when my diet is better I seem to be able to process the eltroxin more successfully and feel much better. Apparently you need certain nutrients to convert the thyroid hormone into usable energy!

There is a great doctor who writes books on nutrition. Her name is dr marilyn glenville. You will see in her books that vitamin and mineral deficiencies seem to wreak havoc on thyroid. Her books are well worth a read .

My advice is to eat a really good diet... eat very little bread pastries biscuits etc and you will feel better. No kidding but the food i think work s best is loads of bowls of cheerios with pink avonmore slimline milk. If you look on the side of the box it contains large amounts of the B vitamins ,folic acid, iron etc and seems to be all the perfect nutrients for healthy thyroid. Also the pink avonmore milk has vit d and iron. Overall its good daily combo. Other fortified healthier cereals seem to have some of same nutrients but I think cheerios the best.

Good luck,

Siobhan :)


You've got me on my high horse here. What has his being Irish got to do with it?? Take it from me (and I have seen all shapes, sizes and gender) that nationality doesn't enter the equation.


If you knew that Purr Jones was in Ireland, it might be more likely that the phrasing had nothing to do with nationality or ethnicity in any sense - just that he works there.

Clearly the others with some sort of Irish connection, both posters above and anyone else who might have read it in the past year, were also understanding that this was not racially or nationally based. Otherwise someone would either have posted a comment or reported for abuse.



Point taken, my post may not have been particularly well worded but the point I was trying to make was that in all the countries I've lived in - including Ireland - standards have been lacking.


On that we can most certainly agree. Seems pretty awful everywhere though the countries vary in quite how they are bad. :-(

Although since thyroid I have only lived in England! :-)

(I do have quite some Irish element in my background.)



I'm sorry about your experience, which is fairly rare with GP's these days. I do wish you'd name this GP. If more like this found themselves named, they'd change their tune from abnoxious to polite fast enough. It's a shame when we find ourselves in the care of doctors who are so ignorant about alternative successful treatments, and I suggest this doctor's arrogance steamed from that. Try and find yourself a GP you can work with, and not one that sets up roadblocks. After all, it's your life, your body and your wellbeing, and not his, and he's getting paid no matter what happens to you. (If I may say so, when he asked you what you wanted him to do, I think you missed an opportunity to tell him exactly what you wanted prescribed, but I can understand how frustrated you must have felt at that point).


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