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Appeal date for job termination

Hi Guys

First ly Happy new year to everyone.

Just a quick update to let you know my appeal against employment termination is at 09:30am on 10th January I know that the outcome wil not go in my favour so I am preparing to go to Tribunal I have taken advice from solicitors and will be putting the wheels in motion immediately after.

My Husband is going to be with me at the appeal so I will have support. I will give you an update next week.



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It is an extremely stressful time for you and it is good your husband is supporting you.

I hope it goes in your favour but most times a decision has already been taken.

Good luck.


This will not be the case as they are using my congenital thyroid as an excuse and that is illegal also they terminated my contract with out going down the capability route and while I was signed off sick from both my consultant and GP.


In that case, do take them to a Tribunal. Let us know the outcome of how you get on on 10th January.


Wishing you well both at the hearing and if you need to go to tribunal. These big organisations think they are can disregard the law just by publishing policies - and then not acting on them. A friend of mine successfully sued in similar circumstances and settled out of court the day before the case. She wanted her day in court to demonstrate just how she had been bullied and harrassed but decided to accept as they had admitted wrongful dismissal.


Good luck!


thank you PoppyRose


Hi Trina - Am so sorry to hear that you have been treated so appallingly by your employer.

Good luck with your meeting with themTrina -all stress you could do without! Glad your hubby will be wih you and backing you all the way. Big hugs x


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