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About to have a complete Thyroid removal

After 4 months of living a half life I am due to have my thyroid removed on the 15th Jan.

I have been hyper and extensive testing has shown this to be a large toxic tumour on my thyroid. I have not choice but complete removal and I do believe the doctors, they have spared no time or expense in every testing possible (I do live in France and this makes a huge difference to urgency and facilities available).

I am so scared about all the stories I hear about the problems people have after the removal of a thyroid and how they never actually get their lives back and have an endless battle with levels of drugs and tiredness (again) and weight gain. Does anyone have any re-assuring stories of how they were after surgery.

I am a very busy woman that feels like she has been overtaken by an exhausted foggy headed useless being and it is so depressing.

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Had my TT a year ago and couldn't be better, don't allow your health professionals to bully you make noise until your levels are right and you feel well. :-)


Hi France, I live in France too! Do you live near Paris? The problems people have after a thyroidectomy are usually due to the competence - or lack of it - of the doctors that treat them. If your doctor knows what he's doing, you shouldn't have too many problems, as far as I know. The problem in France is that NDT is illegal, so that is one choice that is removed from you. But a lot of doctors are happy to prescribe T3, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Lots of luck with your op, and here's hoping that things go better for you in the New Year. Grey


Hi France

I agree with TTLady. I had my thyroid removed about 10 years ago because of a multi-nodal goitre and have had a normal life since then on the same dose. I am having problems at the moment but nothing major - hence looking into it a bit more and joining this forum. I've managed to persuade my GP not to further reduce my dose which is what she wanted to do. We have agreed to wait a month or so then 'go more on how you feel'.

Best wishes for the op and I hope things settle down quickly. The important thing is that you feel well.


Thanks for the replies - Greygoose - no I am down near Toulouse. I think that I have concentrated so much on the tests etc. I feel a bit out of depth with what will suddenly be the major issue - the medication!

I guess I am just going to have to see what the 'endo' says and try and deal with it from there, perhaps by then I will not feel so tired and emotional and will be able to deal with information a bit better. I get out of hospital on my 50th birthday and that is not what I had planned for this big day.


Good luck with the op France. Mainy people do well on thyroxine (T4) after a TT but if not you can always ask advice on here. As Greygoose says you may need to take some T3 too. It's also very important to have optimal levels of iron, ferritin, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Often being in range is not enough and these need to be high in the range to be optimum. xx


Hi France. I had my thyroid removed at the beginning of December and although I'm not rushing around yet, I feel much better than I did before. I'm so glad I had it done.

It's definitely important to get all the right and vitamin and minerals, and as others have said you might need to take T3.

Good luck xx


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