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Advice on books , what else would anyone recommend!

I am looking for some good books on the above, I am due too start taking armour when the chemist can get it? want too start it in new year. And after the battle and very long journey to trial this medication I would like too get as such right as possible. I had recently been quite poorly after a very bad migraine and my husband has been giving me metatone which made me feel a lot better, the only ingredient in it that I would think was making me feel so good was magnesium, this got me thinking when I got my last blood results it would appear that I was/am anaemic, my doctor said that’s normal for most women in their forties, this got me thinking I know the migraine trust recommend vitamin B2, magnesium as they have done a study which shows that 50% of migraineurs are low in these.

Can taking a dose of multi b vitamins, folic acid and magnesium, etc effect the trial of armour as I don't want to do anything too effect it, as I will probably only get one chance,

kind regards and happy new year to everyone, fingers crossed the armour works and I can get my life back, regards karen

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You may have this link already, but here it is and their are some subjects on the side

Personally, I wouldn't take any supplements until after the trial. As you you don't want anything to affect it and you wouldn't be aware if it was detrimental.


Recommend? Well, actually, want for myself!

Werner & Ingbar's The Thyroid: A Fundamental and Clinical Text

Lewis E. Braverman (Author), David S. Cooper (Author)

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