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throid problems

am hoping some 1 can help please had total throid removal 6 yrs ago,have been depressed,tearful have eractic periods some times very heavy,bouts of tirdness and insomminia just a few symptoms!!! had my yearly yes yearly blood tests and they say my results are suppressed what does this mean am waiting on dr to ring me they never seem to want know??!!! thanks muchley am cuurently on 225 a day

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Hello, sorry you are having such a bad time. You do know that your are entitled to be given copies of all blood tests? Just ask for them, it is your absolute right to have them so do not be put off.

Then you can post on here all results from them, including the different reference ranges.


When they say your results are supressed they are trying to say that you are on TO MUCH medication and will probably ask you to reduce.

If I was in your situation I would be telling my doc that I think I have a conversion problem.

Let me start at the beginning. The meds you are taking are called Levothyroxine (T4) which your thyroid would have made had you not had it out. Your body then converts this into T3 which is the hormone that every single part of our body needs to function - from heart and lungs to mind and bowels. It gives us energy and keeps us well. If you are low in VitD, B12, Iron or Ferritin your body will have trouble converting the Levo (T4) you are taking into the active T3 that it needs so no matter how much T4 you take it wont help, hence all the symptoms you are still having. Your thyroid would have also produced a certain amount of T3 as well as the T4 so no T3 from your non existant thyroid and no T3 being coverted from your Levo explains all your symproms.

Have you ever had any of the above tested? and have you ever been offered T3. If you have a conversion problem the doc can give you T3 directly so the body doesn't need to convert.

Dont let your doc railroad you into reducing your T4 unless he/she is going to be doing further investigations into why, on 225mcg's T4, you are still not well.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


Thanks for this , I am, at last begining to understand the processes. Very well written. X


Hello, You might find this and other articles on the main Thyroid UK website are useful too. Jane x


Thanks again, I don't know why I have read this before!


One of the Virologists frequently mentioned on here, found that natural desiccated thyroid replacement is the best in cases of thyroidectomy, ie Armour, Erfa etc. Failing these being prescribed for you, you may need a much higher dose of thyroxine.


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