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The Thyroid Paradox by James K Rone. The doctor you all wished you had!

This is the best book I have read on the subject..description:

"Readers who suffer from low thyroid, or think they might, can find the missing answers. For the person who's been told "it's not your thyroid," without then being told convincingly what the problem is. This book provides readers with the knowledge needed to communicate and work with their doctors to get the treatment they deserve."

I read this book because I was looking for a quote from a Dr. Utiger...I don't think the quote existed but when I put "Dr Utiger" in a search engine I came up with the above book and hoped that hidden in the pages would be the quote I was searching for. It wasn't there! The book though was a revelation. It was the nearest I had come to being in a doctor's surgery with a doctor who understood that you had problems with your thyroid, was willing to listen and then go through every possible method within his means to make you as near to euthyroid as he possibly could. It would be his challenge, come hell or high water he would sort you out!

I could wax lyrical about the whole book but suffice to say I bought it on Kindle as it was much cheaper and now realise that it is so important to me I must have it in my "Thyroid Library" so intend to get the hard copy asap...Kindle was false economy.

Dr. Rone has a website and blog:

He also has a facility for contacting him. I haven't tried it!

At the end of his book he writes about a talk he was at. The talk was on T3/T4 combination therapy.The speaker closed by describing a formal complaint lodged with a member of the British Parliament and the United Kingdom's General Medical Council "against the clinical practice of the majority of the medical profession with regard to the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism on four counts" as quoted in the British medical journal "Clinical Endocrinology" those 4 counts were;

1. Over reliance on thyroid blood tests and a total lack of reliance on signs, symptoms, history of the patient, and a clinical appraisal.

2. The emotional abuse and blatant disregard by the majority of general practitioners and endocrinologists over the suffering experienced by untreated/incorrectly treated thyroid patients and their lack of compassion over the fate of these patients.

3. Stubbornness of general practitioners and endocrinologists to treat patients suffering from hypothyroidism with a level of medication that returns patient to optimum health. In addition, the unwillingness to prescribe alternate thyroid treatment for patients on individual grounds...such as Armour Thyroid.

4. The ongoing reluctance to encourage debate or further research on hypothyroidism.

Or, for brevity's sake, we could simply say that those four counts are, word for word, a condensed version of "The Thyroid paradox".

Hope springs eternal...


What I would like to know is...if the Brits 4 counts are so important and thought of so highly....why hasn't anything at all been done about it? This book goes back to 2007!

The four counts are those that all of us still come up against. 5 years and no improvement whatsoever. WHY????????????? They know all these awful things are happening but nothing is done about it. Where do we go from here?

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This is very interesting, Ellarose!! The biggest mystery is indeed why nothing is being done among those 'powers that be' of the medical profession.

Chaining ourselves to railings perhaps, is our next move.LOL.


There's no mystery. It is simply that if all thyroid patients got well on the right dose of NDT (or other) and were able to stop taking all their supplimentary pills (diet pills, statins, blood pressure pills, etc, etc, etc) Big Pharma would lose an awful lot of money.

They call us thyroid patients their 'cash cows' because of all those pills our ignorant doctors prescribe us to treat symptoms rather than treating the root cause correctly. It is in their interest to keep doctors - and patients - ignorant.

Unfortunately for Big Pharma, it is easier to keep the doctors ignorant than it is the patients! We patients have a duty to ourselves to educate ourselves and act accordingly. And that's what so many of us are doing thanks to sites like this one and all the other info there is out there on the net.

I sincerely hope that internet will be the down-fall of Big Pharma. They have cheated us long enough!



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