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Anyone know any doctors in Ireland who prescibe Armour?

Good afternoon, I'm Irishj but live in France where I was (badly) treated for hypothyrodism -Hashimotos for 3 years resulting in paratyroxic symptoms. An Irish endocrinologist recommended a very gradual restart on levothryox (I'd tried homeopathy for almost a year) at 25 ul eventually getting to 50 ul at some stage. I've done as he's suggested with a new French endo but unfortunately I feel much worse blood pressure has plummeted, and heart beat has gone up - I've lost 3kgs since being back on the treatment (I seemingly had an allergic reaction to the one time I took the liquid version here) and really feel that this treatment is not working for me. As there is no alternative in France and French doctors do not like patients who have done some research I'm getting a bit desperate and just wondered if anyone out there knows any doctor in Ireland who can prescribe Armour (it's even banned to order it to France). Thanks for any info you can provide,

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Hi Caro.

There's a Dr Patrick McGovern in Dublin.Try googling him and his website will come up!


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