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Humbug (inspired by something Ceejaydj said)

Well, it's that time of year - how are we coping with run up to Xmas?

Again I really don't seem to be worrying, in years gone by it was a dread, not enough money for too many kids! (funnily enough all of them say how lovely Xmas was, making stuff like home-made cards, turkey all week (goose if lucky!) & only one Playstation to share).

Well, they're grown up now, with kids of their own (our pressies for grandkids are from Santa again - so we get another lot from grandpa & nana to keep up, er, tradition!) they just want money - boring but that's what they want - but I've learnt to put it in a very big box :)

Last week I bought chocs for work, and today twiglets & cheeslets - they're all stressed out about it (understandable - such great expectations!) next week it's humbugs! he he! (OK I may be trying to get out of the birthday cake thing, even IF your birthday falls on Boxing day er, I may have a slight issue there, birthday parties cancelled due to Xmas)

It's not that I don't like Xmas - I do! but as it's only just December, no cards or pressies yet, however everyone else SEEMS to have it all wrapped up (literally) so why keep shopping for more? Apparently I must be rich leaving it so late? I think not!

Funny how the Xmas port keeps disappearing 'tho - anyway, off to switch the lights on (they've been outside there for 5 years now - he he!) is it the 5th yet?

Take care & don't worry! Jane :D x

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I dont think we're having christmas this year (again)

When the kids were younger I found it too stressful and ended up sick every year, I absolutley dreaded it, had a couple of years on my own and just didnt bother, now with a new partner, I was quite looking forward to it for the first time in many years, but we are only just managing to get by, theres nothing left over as it is, theres little point in paying out money we dont have on presents, when we really need necessities......maybe next year :)


know that dread feeling! Xmas is for kids, and we did our best. I'm just wishing for a peaceful, healthy one (ok maybe some epsom salts) but maybe it's come early for you with a new partner to cuddle - what more do we need? hugs Jane xx


All sorted here! I'm a total scroogy grouch, but with 3 kids - all very excited - have to give it a go! *sigh*

OH works Xmas day - being all cheffy! :-( But a GREAT time is had at Lyn's house on Boxing Day! WHOOT! It's just a shame that the boys don't get to come - they move to daddy's house! :-( Heather always has a great time at Auntie Lyn's though!

Anyway, wrap, wrap, wrap...!




Sorry but I'm one of those smug people that has done it all, cards sent, pressies bought and wrapped and all the really fattening food bought. Dont you just hate people like me who start christmas shopping in October (September in necessary), but with two grown up daughters and four grandaughters to buy for (and yes it really has been a struggle this year) I like to get ahead of the game.

Nice relaxing day for me on Christmas day this year with someone else doing all the cooking but hoping that my energy levels (and adrenals) stay strong for the big family feast on boxing day.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish one and all a happy, HEALTHY and prosperous new year as well as a geat Christmas.

Moggie x


Aww, back at ya! :-) xx


Christmas? Not doing it this year, family have been told I've made other arrangements. What they don't realise is that I shall be going out on my mountain bike for the day.

There's been no acknowledgement or concern whatsoever of my poor health over the years so they can just sort themselves out!

Bah humbug!


Well this morning I made out my list of presents to buy and that is all \I have done, but that is better than most years as I am a last minute person and I think I would miss the rush at the end if I did it any differently. Roll on Christmas.

Jo xx


I am still pretty unorganised. Have bought a couple of things online but as usual will no doubt end up leaving things until the last moment. Have always needed the pressure of a deadline to get me motivated.

Had hoped to loose a bit of weight first so that could indulge a bit more over xmas but is hasn't happened :( Suprise, suprise. Oh well I think I already know what my new year's resolution will be (again) lol :D xx


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