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Energy and reaction to T3

Well ! I was hoping T3 would be the miracle cure but to be honest, it's making me feel more tired ! I'm sat here at my desk and everything feels like lead. And I'm supposed to go out and buy more stamps but I just can't bring myself to get up !

I've also had trouble getting to sleep but no trouble continuing sleep once i'm there but this is problematic when i'm getting up at 7am for work....

Also, i'm still fat. Darn !

Any opinions or stories on how long its taken people to feel well ?

I'm on 50mg of Levo and 25mg of Cynomel split into two daily (when I get up and then around 3pm again).

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Personally, I would take my cynomel altogether. It maybe that the 3p.m. dose stimulates you.

Dr Lowe, when treating his patients (he also took it himself) always had one daily dose of T3.


I agree with Shaws on this one - take your T3 all in one go, away from food or drink (you might want to let it disolve under the tongue instead of swollowing - it doesn't taste horrible). You might also want to look at taking it of a night, just before bedtime, which is what Dr.Lowe used to do, to see if it helps. If the night time dose keeps you awake then take it first thing in the morning - disolving under the tongue helps if you do have to eat or drink before or soon after taking yout T3.

Moggie x


I used to take all my T3 in one go too. Now that I am on NDT I am finding I need a small evening dose which helps me sleep.

I seem to remember someone saying that T3 can tax your adrenals at first, making you tired in the afternoon. If this is the case, rest if you can. Taking the T3 will help your adrenals in the long run though, so I believe anyway.

Perhaps Paul Robinson's book might help? I haven't read it but I know a lot of people find it helpful when they take T3 or NDT.

Give it time and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon.

Carolyn x


The advice I had from Dr Skinner was to take 10mcg a day for three weeks, I split this into two 5mcg doses. I was taking 100mcg of Levo at the time.

After three weeks his advice was to increase to 15mcg per day for another three weeks and then up to 20mcg per day. The system of introducing it slowly is better for me and I used 5mcg doses. I also use the circadian T3 method. The T3 peaks in the system after about two hours and stays in the system for about six hours (according to my Endo).

Don't give up, it's trial and error. At the moment I'm trying NDT (Erfa) and a small dose of Levo. Also, it's best to have good levels for B12, Vit D and Serum Ferritin and perhaps taking selenium.


Hi everyone, sorry i'm delayed replying....

I'm currently trying taking it one go when I wake up but I retch if its left in my mouth so swallowing only i'm afraid !

I would like to take an adrenal test to see how they are but unfortunately i really don't have the money for a private one so it will just have to wait until I have. Paul does say do not attempt the circadian method until you are sure of your levels so i'm leaving it for now.

I'm not sure what normal is anymore to be honest. When I first started going to the doctor tired I was about 19 so I don't know whether I will feel like I did the again or not as i'm older now. I'm no longer quite sure what i'm aiming for. Was hoping T3 might be a miracle drug but things don't really seem any different.....


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