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Who knew such a simple explanation would finally make him get it

Have been struggling to get husband to understand that whilst blood results were ok I still don't feel great.But finally found a way to make him get it.

He keeps saying to me to be careful with the car as the fuel gauge says it's nearly full then the other morning it wouldn't start as there was no petrol it did in the end but was close.So he as been resetting the mileage everytime he fills up.As gauge sas fine but it's low.

So I explained to him the way I felt was the same as the car situation the fuel gauge says it's fine but he knows it isn't in the same way my blood tests say I'm fine but I know I'm not right.

At last he seemed to get that not everything is what it seems :-)

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This is an excerpt from Dr Lowe question/answers:-

The TSH level is not well synchronized with the tissue metabolic rate. (Probably most doctors falsely assume that studies have shown that the TSH and metabolic rate are synchronized. But despite my diligently searching for years for such studies, I’ve yet to find them.) Adjusting the T4 dose by the TSH level is like adjusting the speed of your car by a speedometer that's out of synchrony with the actual speed of the car. Adjusting the speed of a car by an out-of-sync speedometer, of course, will get the driver into trouble—either with other drivers who'll object to the car traveling too slowly, or with a police officer who'll object to the car going too fast. And adjusting the thyroid hormone dose by the TSH level gets most patients in trouble—almost always because their tissue metabolism is so slow that they are sick.


so glad he gets it now. Never know it might work on gps


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