Brain fog

I have always been a bit dizzy but now my brain fog is starting to worry me. I am really sharp at quizzes, do lots of hard crosswords and am told I am quick witted so can't understand why I am so "fuzzy" at other times. I have read that certain B vitamins are good for the brain and can stave off dementia etc so was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for any? Cheers x

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  • I have noticed that trying to remember peoples names and road names etc has got really bad and trying to remember words etc really annoying. This has got worse over the last 6 months or so yet like you I am, or I think I am, good at quizzes etc. I take folic acid daily, B12 Injections every 3 months and I also take calcium and vitamin D along with Omega daily however it does not seem to have helped my memory. The nurse who gives me the B12 injections did say to me one time, when I forgot my appointment, that that was one of the signs of being deficient, poor memory. I try to eat healthily and of course the best source of vitamins is in the fresh fruit/veg and meat. Sorry I cant be of more help but I am sure you will get loads of replies with good advice on here.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Norwood - not what I wanted to hear! It seems my long term memory is fine but my short term is shocking-which is a bit of a worry since I think that's what happens in Alzheimers etc.

  • I had the same problem, i took selenium, which i bought at the supermarket, and that worked for me, you can buy this or take 1 or 2 Brazil nuts a day, Selenium also help with the T4 to T3 conversion, i only took it for 60 days and the difference was amazing

    I hope this helps you

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I will purchase some selenium today as unfortunately not a great fan of nuts :(( So glad it worked out well for you and fingers crossed for me and others who may be reading this.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Ann, I really hope this works for you, I'd read on other thyroid sites that that was the way to go

    Just don't take to high a doze, some doctors recommend you take no more than 800mcg daily otherwise you can go toxic

    Good Luck Susan

  • i am the same norwood1 i seem to be going barmey i think as i cant rember names or roads ect some time i think right i go to town but get in car and think how do i get their lol so you not alone haha

  • Get your vitamin B12 levels tested. If below 800 start supplementing. Dr Myhill (much respected on this site) recommends aiming for a level of 2000 for optimal performance. The methylcobalamin version of B12 is the most effective.

  • I usually have what I call " Brain Fog" when I struggle to intake and process information by multitasking blocking out other distractions around me. I have a brain injury and get this brain fogginess like when you are either lying down or sitting down and get up too quickly. It's when you get a sudden blood rush to the head, when I try to read too much information at a time, generally either visiting crowded places like museums, places of interest, reading a book or lot of information on display boards or signs with a pause or rest to give my poor easily tired brain a rest or movies that involve a lot of concentration at a time. does anyone else have this problem?? It can also affect my walking balance after being out in restaurant or pub as I can become dizzy then afterwards want to go out on my a walking group.

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