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How to heal Auto-Immune Disease (The Soy Debate)

Confused about soy?

A number of you have asked about soy products, and how they affect thyroid issues, especially in the wake of the whole Bonsoy debacle. And especially because everyone seems to have an opinion on it these days.

Naturopath Angela Hywood from Tonic (you can read her first contribution here) posted the below as a comment, but I thought I’d drag it out for everyone to read.

PS. These are her thoughts. Me, I’m still working through what my body feels about it. I love soy chai. It warms cockles.

Angela says...

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My experience of using soya even in small quantities is disastrous am afraid -it make me really ill and all my hypothyroid symptons come back with a rush. Recently, inadvertently I was reminded of this when I bought some Acai Berries capsules from Holland & Barrett -it was only after I became poorly that I scruntinised the contents and lo and behold found that the berries were suspended in soya oil. It took me over a week to recover. This is only my experience but soya for me is a big no no!


I am also allergic to soya, six years ago bought a soy drink from Holland & Barrett, had to go hospital with swollen eyes and face, looked like Id had been in a fight!! scary, so never touch soya & like yourself have to scrunitise contents of vitamins etc. Strangely enough this was around the time I was diagnosed with under-active thyroid.


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