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thyroid problems

Sorry about that im new to this, i have had an underactive thyroid for 15 years now my d i said my doctor say's my levels are fine and yet i am still getting the symptoms i've always had from tiredness to no energy, hair getting thin and snapping, putting on excesive weight as well as water retention all over my body extremely bad making it difficult to walk when i asked him he said that i wasn' t drinking enough water and that my body was storing this between my fat layers. I am now getting really bad pains in both my shoulders down my collar bones over the top of my back at the bottom of my back and now i've noticed that my neck at the back is slightly swollen surely this cant be right i heard that some people suffer from a disease called cushing's syndrome where to much cortisol is being released from the pituitary gland, but the thing is if i go to my doctors and suggest this he will not take me serious and think im a hippo!

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Hi Marysia

Don't worry, a few people have done it. We are working with Health Unlocked to make the screen a bit more use friendly! :-) Hopefully you will now get some useful answers.......





I don't know about cushing's syndrome and whether it is likely to be the cause of these symptoms, so hopefully someone else can answer, but I wanted to suggest that you call your GP practice tomorrow and obtain your thyroid test results because they might be borderline. I've read that some thyroid patients only started to feel better once their t4 and t3 were at the top of the normal range.


Thankyou for taking the time to answer my questions, the problem i am having is the doctor just doesn't seem to listen, my last test results came back normal im taking 175mg thyroxine per day and i still don't feel the benefit from them, my dose went up last year so surely everything should feel bril by now, going to ask if i can maybe get changed to armour thyroid which is taken from pigs or combine the two, let everyone know what the outcome is nearer the end of the week.


Marysia, sorry to hear that you are still struggling. It is a very sad fact that many people continue to suffer and it seems it is down to being undermedicated in several cases. I know of people who have put their continuing symptoms down to their age or the menopause when all they need is an increase in thyroid meds.

First thing to do (if you don't mind my suggestions) is to ask your doc's receptionist for a print out of your latest blood test results, the last few would be helpful. Then you need to ask what the lab ranges are for these results.

Many of us don't feel well unless our TSH is under 1 and our Free T4 is at the top of the range. For example my Free T4 lab range is 12 to 22 and when I was first ill my result was around 12 or 13 and now that I am fully medicated it is just above the range at 23.

Keep us posted .... oh and also have you had your B12, folate, ferritin and vit d tested?


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