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ARRRRRGgggggggghhhhhh!!!! I do not need anti depressants

I have been to see my Doctor today to speak about why I feel so ill. I have a diagnosed underactive thyroid and am on medication. I told him that I am suffering from poor sleep pattern, pains in my hands and feet, tingling, numbness and excessive weight gain almost 1/2 stone in one month. Less than seven months ago I was a size 8, now I am a size 14/16....its destroying who I am!

He adivsed me that I am fat because of what I put in my body, there is no one else in control of that, just because I said I had a small pizza last evening - the rest of the week I ate like a rabbit. He has suggested that I take anti depressants or beater blockers but I have refused. I told him that I am sick not mental and that these offers are not getting the problem of why I can go weeks without bowel movement but yet the moment I take a chemical to move it, it moves and gives me the opposite. I have explained that its the discomfort that makes me take something!

He is right I don't want my life to be like this.....He told me that only I can help me because there is nothing else he can do. He is the head of our practice and the best Doctor we I don't know what I can do!......I am sobbing with frustration.

I have posted before all my symptoms and test results before, the above is only the start point.

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I can only suggest that you play the game. Keep a food diary for 4 wks, monitor your weight weekly and note that yourself and appointment and march on in with your evidence. My daughter had a similar enounter with a Prof of Endo at a leading hospital who seems to have bought into the 'fatness is an individual's responsibility' party and proceded to reduce my daughter to tears by telling her to go away and lose weight and he'd see her again when she'd done this. She was also trying to deal with the symptoms of polycystic ovaries. In the Prof's opinion these symptoms were also due to her over eating!! If you complete the food diary it's a win win, you can prove that you're eating a sensible diet so the increase in weight can't be due to that and get the doc to then start looking at investigating other causes.


How dare these doctors say what they do to us thyroid sufferes ,if only they had it then they would understand, I to have put on lots of weight and get so upset about it as well, if I ate loads I wouldent mind but like yourself I dont ,I weigh 3 stone more than my husband and he eats much more than me so work that out !! Irene has a great idea and i will try that myself ,and the hand and feet tingling I also have ,so it seems lots of us have the same problems ,and i know it dont help but your not alone Jan.xx


Thank you for all your comments - I am exhausted, the pins and needles in my arm is constant now...I get headache after headache, weight gain from just looking at food, fatigue that just stops me dead in my tracks and I am now scared to speak to my GP practice as I have refused their offer of anti depressants and or beater blockers. I was treated poorly by a usually sympathetic doctor - I have since found out a well meaning friend had been to see him. I was diagnosed before I hit that room.

Problem is now, where do I go from here?

Ceri x


could the pins and needles be due to Carpel Tunnel syndrome ? I had carpel tunnel release surgery on both my wrists a couple of years before I was diagnosed as being hypo but have since learned (through various sites NOT my doctor) that it is yet another symptom of under active thyroid. Might be worth checking out.

Good Luck x


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