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Hashimoto - anyone have back pain?

Having restarted on levothyrox at 20ul per day for the last 4 weeks I'm waiting for the treatment to stabilise things. However prior to going back on levothyrox I had been on a homepathic treatment which unfortunately wasn't enough. I've noticed that when I am very tired (primarily from lower back pain/frozen shoulder) I'm currently working therapeutic half time - that the side of the thyroid which has the goiter seems to palpitate and my lower back seems to do the same with increased pain.

I was just wondering whether anyone else with Hashimoto's has had these symptoms? - I've done tons of x rays and blood tests and back is 'normal' my only understanding is that this is linked to the fact that the thyroid medication hasn't kicked in yet and my body is somewhat in ' trauma' - just wondering whether anyone else has encountered these symptoms (antibodies are still very high - though blood test was done whilst on even lower dose - endo wants me to stay on current dose for 3-4 months and then do blood test.... as it's only my fourth week on this dosage I'm hoping that things will stabilise by week 7-8 and be less in pain/tired.

I would be grateful for any information anyone can provide - have been diagnosed with hashimotos 4 years ago but was unfortunately seriously overdosed here in France and had to go back to Ireland to have it all confirmed - so I can assure everyone that the majority of endos I've seen here in France just give a prescription and obsess about the blood tests and ignore patients symptoms. Thankfully have now just found one who agrees with Irish endo and hence the low dose.... (3 years ago I was on 100ul a day..... and of course had all the classic hyper symptoms)

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I wasn't diagnosed but had symptoms for 8+ years, both tired then palpitations etc, but 'normal' bloods (but only TSH was checked) they found a nodule and removed half thyroid last month - and now I know I feel much better, I think it was poisoning me, as well as warmer and less achey (I have frozen shoulder too, the other one took 18 months to relieve) My osteo also said my body is in trauma too.

Sorry I haven't answered your question but thought I'd reply with a similar story - is it a single or multinodular goitre?


Hello Caror,

The classic hyper symptoms could well have been linked to your thyroid speeding up when under attack from antibodies. In the earlier stages of hashimotos disease the thyroid puts out more hormones in an attempt to ward off the attack, it sometimes grows too (goitre) so that there is more of it to produce hormones. This makes you feel hyper and stops when the thyroid is overwhelmed and can't put up the fight. The way to avoid it it to treat with good doses of t4 so the TSH is supressed and the thyroid doesn't need to put out anything in response to antibody attacks.

Selenium is the only thing which could possibly lower antibodies, but they won't leave until the thyroid has gone and you are hypothyroid.

The problem with being hypothyroid is that endos in the uk generally ignore the patient symptoms and treat the blood tests, leaving you undermedicated, tired and achey. A typical replacement dose of thyroxine is around 150ul. You may need to go back to France to get proper treatment



Hi. I also have Hashimotos and when I first became ill I had thyroiditis which my endo treated with block and replace therapy. He initially thought I had Graves but after 18 months I got the right diagnosis. I have had frozen shoulder and currently experience lower back pain. It's definately related to thyroid and I find that when I'm at my opitmum level it goes. Unfortunately I can't seem to stabilise so I'm now seeing one of the docs on the TUK list.


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