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Thyroxine and weight gain

After two years on thyroxine and no improvement in symptoms I am awaiting an endo appointment. One of the things I may be hoping to gain from this appt. may be an increase in dosage. However I am concerned that, as it now transpires that thyroxine itself causes more weight gain that an increase would also increase my weight. Would this be the case?

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No Not always you can gain weight when your overactive or underactive apparently it depends on your T4 so my doc told me today maybe get your T3 tested.

<b>Updated on Oct 11 2010 3:48PM:</b> PS and also check your vitamin D levels.


Hi it might also be worth getting a Coeliac Disease blood test from your GP. They look for enzymes and anti-bodies to the protein gluten. My close relatives have thyroid problems and after gaining weight and feeling tired I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, plus severely low iron and B12 due to malnourishment from the damage to the stomach by the CD. There's also a lot of research on the net about the link between Thyroid and Coeliac Disease as they're both auto-immune so it's always worth asking for the blood test if you suspect you're not responding well to the other treatment and that has all be ruled out.


I recently swelled up two dress sizes in a couple of months which was upsetting as it was looking difficult in locating something off the peg. I had a blood test that my ex doctor said was normal but I was suffering from joint pain and tummy problems. Saw my new doctor and he said my T4 which read 20 looked higher than before and cut my dosage and lo and behold I slimmed down too. My joint pain is nowhere as bad but tummy still giving grief so I will see about cutting out gluten for a week. I had been on 150mg for over a year and had been fine up until a couple of months ago. I am now on 125mg. The last time I was on 150mg a couple of years ago I swelled up then.

Yet before I was diagnosed I did gain weight rapidly as well but at least now I do take my coat off indoors.


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