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paper paper every where !

its taken me two days to try and get my past test result papers in some order l need to photo copy them..up till 4am today writing up a spread sheet ( not good at that)and l am not able to switch off still! had 3hrs doze...brain buzzing!

how can you relay years of ill health in 1 1/4 hrs appointment? l have managed to condense most!

its funny reading my old temp/symptom diary,,,my temp has been lower this past month then when l was diagnosed hahi/hypo may 08...!35.2..

and then there is a 10month gap when l stopped doing it BECAUSE l had a new private dr who had me in hand And knew what he was doing..AND everytime l showed him my temp diary at appointments l felt l wa being over he top and neurotic!so l got out of the habit!he really is a good dr but l fee l need a second opinion,,so l am going to my peatfield appontment tomorow AND its ALL on the temp!! it tells so much!


off to gp now..see if he will do new bloods for me,,

AND has any one got lumpy /glandy painful arm pit breastS?

l had my second breast lump investigate in may at barts...told it was glands,and to kee a check on it..BUT my right one is so achy /sore..please haveconverse with me if you dont want your answer out there on the blog..Thankyou

HOW YU DOIN BUNNY? hope all went ok xxx

off t my gp 9.30am.....

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Hi Donna, We're having a tidy up of unanswered posts so you'll get a few notifications in the next day or so. I hope you're well.