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Good TSH, T4 at bottom of reference range


I was just wondering if those with experience of thyroid disorder think that the following results warrant further investigation given many symptoms consistent with hypothyroidism (except notably weight gain):

TSH: 0.44 mu/L

Free T4: 11.4 pmol/L

As far as I can tell my T4 is at the bottom of most reference ranges and below one reference range I've seen.

I only just got this printout of my results and I haven't pressed my GP about this, but he previously said my thyroid was fine after the results came in.

Any suggestions on the best course of action?

Thank you.

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Hi Im713,

Everything that I have read suggests that your T4 should be nearer the top end of the range - I certainly felt better when mine was slightly over the top end. If you still feel bad, go back to your GP, if they are unhelpful/unsympathetic as is usually the case get them to refer you to an endocrinologist (you can find a good one on

Rose x


Thank you Rosee.

Yes, unfortunately I have felt like this for years, if not most of my life, though strangely there seem to be better periods - both longer and shorter, e.g. last Wednesday I felt quite energetic (I also didn't seem to have the croaky voice I have had in the mornings for the last few weeks) and if anything I felt a little depressed the night before: This is why I question whether it is psychological which is what is usually suggested - my energy levels don't always correlate.

Thank you for the link - I got to give it a try.


It's not surprising you feel low if you're tired and feel naff all the time.

Some psychiatrists (sorry I can't remember which site it was on) found that some people who were 'depressed' had low levels of T3 and when treated with T3 they improved and didn't need anti-depressants.



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