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What range are normal tsh and T4 levels?

I have been on thyroxine for a year and am currently taking 200mcg a day. My latest blood results have been T4 19 and tsh o.o1, my Gp has said this is where i should be but i suffer from frequent dizziness , feel spaced most of the time and still get extremely tired. I think i may be slightly hyper. Another Gp in the practice thinks i am over medicated. Any ideas?

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The ranges vary slightly depending on the lab that processes the blood. My local lab ranges are TSH 0.35 - 4.94 and T4 9.01 - 19.05. So if your lab ranges are similar, then your T4 is at the very top. Regardless of local variations, your TSH at 0.01 is completely suppressed. Most GPs would not be happy with that!

Given your symptoms, I'd agree with the over medicated theory. In your situation, I'd definitely be considering a dose drop to 175mcg to see if you feel any better.


Thanks RedApple

I was concerned about my TSH being so low, I think i will try 175mcg.

I read last night that recent rsearch shows, a low tsh between 0.04 and 4

is not harmful but 0.03 or below is likely to cause problems with such as heart disease and osteoperosis.

Many Thanks



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