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My Thyroid and I

Its been 3 years since i was diagnosed as having an overactive thyroid....

Recurrent Thyrotoxicosis they call it........... so 'IT' has a name, pity it didnt come with a book of simple instructions.

My readings go up and down, just like that fiddlers elbow, "your in the normal range" just outside the nornmal range" "come back to see me in 6 weeks " blah blah blah

Sound familiar?, dunno about you but im sick, yes SICK of feeling well.............. SICK?

When i was first diagnosed i was prescribed 40mg of carbimizole, along with beta blockers...

Not sure if anyone else experienced a change in their moods , but the bi**h from hell had nothing on me.

Then one day i just couldnt keep my feet still, i tried lying down , standing up, sitting down........ not sure what happened next , but the next thing i knew i was in the Drs office being given diazapan (sp) to calm me, and so began the downward spiral...........

Next came the depression, .........more pills, followed by more pills, i knew i had hit rock bottom if you like when i started scouring the internet for the zopliclone sleeping pills i had become addicted to, but that my Dr would no longer prescribe......... funny thing is (not that it is funny of course) is neither my GP or Endio made a connection with my mental health and my thyroid problems !!!!!

Well tomorrow is D day, or shall i call it T day :) the day when i finally confront the endio and say enough is enough

is enough (isnt that a song ) hehehe......

I am ready and armed with a list of questions , questions i want answers to

Wish me luck !!!

Stay well


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Luck duly wished. I hope you get some answers.

All the best



Good luck Kim, I hope it goes well for you today! Do let us know how you get on.


I have thyrotoxicosis or so they say it covers multinodular goitres, and I was put forward for having radioidine treatment which when researching found that it goes into the saliva glands, although the registrar denied this saying such a small dose it worked out the dose I was to get was high. I have a severe dry mouth its very painful a living misery, and wont do anything that could make it worse, so I am seeing the consultant to discuss this, the hospital have lost my notes and on all visits 3 to count they were not available, so I will take mine its fortunate that I have them.

best wishes Helen


Good luck today. Hope you get the answers you need and deserve. Will be thimking about you.


I find the mental problems worse then any of the other stuff and all they want is to give more pills... I wasnt depressed until they radiated my Thyroid....I wish everyone best wishes.




Iam with you Helen , do whats right for YOU at the end of the day

be well




Your post certaintly struck a chord with me

"i find the mental problems worse than the other stuff"

I have already taken a trip to 'hell' i have no intentions of going back there, sometimes i think its easier for the quack to just hand out another prescription than deal with whats actually going on?


Funny you should say hell and back not funny at all in the true sense of the word, but it's exactly how it feels like bloody hell and do you know what im fed up with all these Drs nodding their heads in a ( well what do you expect me to do about it I haven't got a bloody clue way) I'm going to try a Homeopath and see if that helps the depression well it cant make it worse. I refuse to go the anti depressant route because of the stress they put on the kidneys. :( good luck everyone catch you soon

Dancerfromparis ( Sandie)

<b>Updated on Sep 15 2010 5:49PM:</b> Kim keep your chin up my friend hugs


'T' day and what happens ?

This ol' bright spark forgets her list of questions, was sooo cross with myself, luckily enough had the support of my wonderful hubby.

Learnt no more than i have the previous errrrrrr (not enough fingers) times i have sat in that dreary room, listening to the endio spewing the same old same old .......

"Lets wait and see"


I told him that i have been searching for info on the net, aghhhhhh that went down like a lead balloon.

He keept using the words definitive treatment............... maybe i am wrong but RAI is not definitive is it?

Obviously i dont want to have my throat cut either (although im sure hubby would do it willingly when im off on one :) )

I guess i should explain a few things here..............

My thyroid relapsed again in Feb this year after a reasonably good period of 'normality'

T4 34 TSH less than 0.01

i was given a prescription to restart carbimizole 20mg

sadly my Dad passed away suddenly , and i went to stay with my Mother , with everything that was going on i completley forgot about my meds.

I have to be honest here, i had packed on more than few extra pounds , contributed by A) giving up smoking b) the C word ..........CHOCOLATE!!

I had the perfect solution here didnt I? dont take the meds = thyroid going nuts=weight loss.......... how clever was I ? !!!!!!!!!

Yeah right ............

It didnt quite work out like that, instead my weight crept higher and higher (they say that this can happen to some people)

In April i decided enough was enough and i went off to slimming world (which i can highly reccomend) i joined a gym, walk almost everywhere , a complete life style change if you like.

I feel soo much better, but i still dont feel like me , do you know what i mean?

oh dinner ready ... write more later

be well


<b>Updated on Sep 15 2010 9:37PM:</b> When my suffering was at its worse, i had horrible thoughts, strange thoughts, and some crazy things that would keep me wide awake at night ( such as what is the name of the lad who delivers the papers.. i kid you not) thoughts of ending it.... sick to death of hearing people say "you have to help yourself"

how could i bloody help myself .........NOBODY could actually say what was wrong with me.

My daily routine consitsing of pills, pills and more pills..........

I always thought that people who got depression were just ... well unhappy? how dumb am I :)

I was unable to work for just over 5 months, my confidence was in the gutter, and it has been a long slow process, trouble is i feel that all of the old symptons are coming back again, i can deal with tremors, the night sweats, and most of the time the tire, what scares the **** outta me is the depression, do i hvae any conrtol over that or does it control me?



I would be very interested to hear about how your visit down the homeopathic route goes..... have read a little on that.

Be well



Bless you sweetheart my heart goes out to you it is so scary, Im afraid mine seems to control me, but I have spoken to a homeopath she sounds absolutely lovely understands everything I said ( makes a bloody change) didn't me me feel like a complete nut jobby! I know the first consultation is a bit expensive but I dint smoke drink and very rarely go out because I feel to rotten to bother.. So im going to give it a go whats there to lose. Big hugs all. x


Good luck with your homeopath. I agree with you theres nothing to lose and everything to gain. This thyroid thing can be a nightmare. So all the very best. x


Its good to talk to someone who gets where ya coming from eh?

I was on Anti d's along with umpteen other things, maybe its just me but i felt as tho they just masked the problem rather than getting to the root?

Whats crazy (no pun intended ,hehe) for something thats so common (the thyroid problem) theres not much help, info / support about is there?

I know its soooooooo hard when your feeling crappy, but i think we have to dig deep and not let this thing takeover ???

Its the little things that can give ya a lift right?

Take care

Be Well



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