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message from a wellwisher

Hello to you krankybird

I have been following your blogs with regard to your son, and I feel so sorry for him and for all of your family.

Through the choose and book system it would benefit you to get an appointment for your son at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, I feel sure you would get more from them than you have from the conventional medical people.

I am posting the League of Friends newsletter for the RLHH to Lyn Mynott, there is an article in there about a young lad who was diagnosed with Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. He could not have painkillers prescribed 'because it was the wrong kind of pain' and that the nausea could not be treated either. His mother could see the RLHH from the window of GOSH and decided to call in, she spoke with the pharmacist at some length with regard to his nausea, the pharmicist recommended a remedy which her son took that night, within an hour his nausea had subsided. He took it again the next day and hasn't taken it since as he no longer has the nausea!

In her words ' I can't tell you what this means to us. To expect to have nausea all your life - and then not to have it, and not to need drugs to deal with it is a miracle.'

She is now seeking a referral to the Homeopathic Hospital to see if any of his other symptoms can be helped. A very wise mother!.

The Royal London Homeopthic Hospital

60 Great Ormond Street



There is no need for your son to go to school, you can home educate him, check out on the internet, there are many groups doing just the same thing and all meeting up, his socialising will come from being with people and children all doing the same thing, the weight on your shoulders will be lifted almost immediately.

Good luck and good health is wished for your son.

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This Hospital is one of the best, speaking from experience, the staff and specialists are dedicated, this is what I have found and I visit many hospitals.

best wishes Helen


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