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Blood test

I had a blood test last Thursday because after being on this site for a fortnight I realised that, even though I have now being taken Levo for some years, it wasn't really touching me !

Got a letter from my Doctor today (young and keen) saying that he has booked an Ultrasound Scan for me because of my blood results !! Don't know what they were as I need to see him about them. At last, after all these years of feeling naff, I might be getting somewhere !

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Hi Maureelesley

Please keep us informed. Good Luck xx


Thank you. I'm so glad I insisted on the blood test. Thanks to this site, and every one on it. I was able to explain how I felt - regarding the possible thyroid problems. I cannot thank this site enough. It encouraged me to explore all the avenues available to me.

Brighter days ahead


I'd be interested to know if it is liver ie fatty liver or something because he is concerned that my liver enzymes are erratic despite the fact I gave up alcohol 2 and a half years ago,

:I might have to have the same test to see fat and scarring on liver after my thyroid and hormonal results come back


That is great news.Sometimes you spend so long feeling terrible than suddenly things start to come together and you start to get the help and treatment you need. Good luck and hope things go well with the scan.


I was told I have a mild fatty liver -proably due to the excess weight I can't shift. :( I was also told my liver enzymes are higher than they should be -even though i hardly drink -the odd glass of wine less than monthly. Dr Peatfield told me it was probably a sign that my body doesn't like the synthetic hormones I was taking -I changed to natural and wow I have never looked back!


I have no idea what my doctor has asked an Ultrasound Scan for. Is it always for a Liver scan ? Could it be for anything else ? I know my Adrenals must have been under a lot of pressure for over 20 years so could possibly be for that. I know that they form part of the whole Thyroid problem. However, I'm not a big drinker, so I'm not sure what that means. When I was first diagnosed with a benign tumour in 1977 I had a Radioactive I131 scan (if I remember correctly !! ). I'm just assuming that this is an update of that. Never had any real investigations since then.


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