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Do I at last have an excuse?

I have been to the doctors about various things (I always save them up!). I have lumps all over my body in varying sizes and he told me they were lipomas. So, onto the computer I went to read up about them!

Guess what? They are linked to what has been termed the "fat gene". There has been research that women who have lipomas have a gene that makes them fat! I am now wondering whether there is a thyroid link too. Trust me to get thyroid AND lipomas!!! :-(

Now I have to decide - is it worth even trying to lose the weight any more? I've tried every diet going! I shall have to research to see if there's any research on whether it's possible to lose the weight if you have this gene. Wonder where I can get tested?? :-)

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Interesting about the fat gene! I too went to my doctor about a lump that turned out to be a lipoma. The lump is over the area of my right sacroiliac joint. I think the lump started to manifest around the same time as my thyroid finally went totally wonky, so maybe you have a point about the thyroid link.

If you really, truly want to loose weight, try going very (and I mean VERY) low carb for a few weeks. I am currently on a totally sugar free and virtually carb free diet. The weight dropped off within weeks. It's an incredibly strict diet which takes a lot of willpower of course, but it's worked for me.


Spooky!!! Read my further blog! Lyn


Hi Lynn,

this blog is very timely for me as both my Mum,my uncle ,Cousin and myself all have lumos all over our bodies.As i've had them for years i didn't bother other than going to see my Gp when they first started appearing and was told that they were just harmless fatty lumps.

I had an appt at Gps about 6 weeks ago (i avoid going as he still doesn't agree that i am hypothryoid and i shouldn't be taking any thyroid meds) to have a review of my pain meds and thought i'd mention that one of the lumps on my forearm was growing and instead of brushing me off he actually had a look and sent me for an ultrasound.

Had ultrasound and doc there said that he would get an MRI scan of my arm done asap....gulp! A week later had ultrasound and was told in the report that they are sure they are just adipose tissue and nothing to worry about and if they are bothering me then i can have then removed.

I had also done some reading up on "lumps" and found that there are many different types and there are some conditions which are a cause of pain.One in particular called Dercums Disease is linked to hypothyoridism and is painful,another is a condition called Schwannamotosis where the Schwann cells which surround the nerves grow and then press on the nerves causing pain!!!

I am going for a biopsy to see what the lumps actually consist of as they may be the cause of my chronic pain.I


Hi Lyn

What about Vitamin D3. I have lost about 2 1/2 stone. Back to the weight I was when young. I used a form of whey protein but I will keep quiet about that as it would be inappropriate to promote it here. What does interest me is that I started taking D3 in the middle of this and I am just wondering if this is why I have retained the weight loss or is it the fact that when you take something that targets fat rather than lean muscle your body adapts. D3 seems to cure everything but I was reading an article suggesting it adjusts your metabolic rate. Could this be right?


Hi Jude, I will certainly be looking into this. Actually, it's already on my list of articles to write - when I can get around to it!


Thanks Lyn. I must say I am really interested in Vitamin D3. I do try and follow the Vitamin D Counsel and Dr. Mercola on the subject. It seems that we do not take enough when we do try and supplement it and also I believe the stuff the GPs hand out is not D3. However, at least it is pretty inexpensive and a pot seems to last a long time so I get my own from a reliable company. It seems to be the latest buzz word


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