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Hypothyroidism - Stop taking the tablets?

I have suffered from hypothyroidism for many years and decided to come off the tablets completely after debilitating symptoms and not much help from GPs, other than 10mcg difference in dosage here and there. After three weeks I can now go the cinema or a play without falling asleep and get through the day without a nap - in fact, stopping taking the medication, thus far, has given me a new lease of life!

However, I am aware that any day this could change as my body finally runs out of any residual active hormone it may be using.

I think I need an alternative to Levothyroxine. I secretly hope I can continue without tablets at all.

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Don`t think its a great idea to stop taking medication without a doctor telling you to. It may give short term gain but can lead to long term pain. Perhaps if you are not getting the help you need with your doctor perhaps consider changing your doctor and getting a second opinion. Often a new perspective on things can change things for the better


my doctor advised me to stop when he thought I was being poisoned by the levothyroxine as also I had not been officially diagnosed as being hypo. To be honest the first four weeks I felt marvellous and bags of energy. Then the following week I had a sore throat that was so painful to breathe I went to the GP who advised doing a blood test. He tried to find me when the blood results came through as I was dangerously low and advised me to take what I thought best which turned out to be 50mg less than I was taking. The only trouble was that the body then said it needed about a month to get any where near normal and brain two months so be careful.

I was on 150mg before stopping.


Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. I am at the point where self medication, if it can be called that, is my way forward having lost some faith in the NHS. Alternatives to Levothyroxine are not available here and I think that is what I need, such as dessicated natural thyroid. I am finally seeing a hormone specialist next month and will arrange a prior blood test - I will be intrigues to find out the result if my zero medication plan is still running.


Ouch, thanks for this. A nurse told me it takes 5 weeks for all the LT to leave your system. In October I am seeing a specialist and I am going to ask for dessicated natural thyroid hormone rather than the LT. I believe this derives from animal thyroid glands.


Do you know your thyroid test results? What about reverse T3 levels? If you're on Thyroxine only, the reverse T3 can cause problems which only go away when you stop taking the thyroxine..


I am feeling really cr*p today; not sure if it is the lack of LTR finally hitting me or lack of sleep (bad night last night) or both. I'll see how I am in the next few days before reaching for the LTR.


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