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I had to have a Hysterectomy 10 years ago because of Endometriosis. I had no idea until tonight that 42% of women with the disorder have an underactive Thyroid - something else the Doctors did not pick up on ! I'm beginning to feel that the medical profession have stolen 30 years of my life !!

If you have problems with periods, pain etc check this site out.

I only joined this site during the past week, and as a result I have found out soooooo much !!

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We'll endometriosis isn't really a disorder it's a disease a genetic disease and 1 out of 25 women have it only half of them know they have it.


That is so true. I have had a Hysterectomy, because I had Endemetriosis so bad, too. My biopsy and everything came back negative. When I had my hysterectomy there were other problems besides the Endemetriosis. I also have Thyroid problems, too. I have recently been re-diagnosed with having abdominal endemetriosis. Only I didn't get help needed from Dr got sent to this time. I also had symptoms of the Endemetriosis before my hysterectomy, too. When I was younger. But so misdiagnosed for other problems when it is the Endometriosis. It's extremely painful. Before I had been given the Lupron Depo shots. Along with bunch of other meds. Hormone replacement therapy meds and other meds. I'm experiencing all the same pain and problems as before. It's so bad I'm having trouble with everything. And no offense to anyone, but Dr's. Do need better learning/teaching. And knowledge of all the facts. And to realize how serious it is. And be more understanding. Not all DR's. Can actually help. With this awful stuff.


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