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Anyone know a good doctor?

Hi all,

I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto (hypothyroidism). They tried me on 25mcg of one brand of levothyroxine which caused hyperthyroid symptoms, including heart pain within 2-3 weeks. I stopped and they tried prescribing another thyroxine 25mcg tablet which had quite bad side effects and led to heart pain within 7 days. My doctor stopped it again, and I will go see him and have tests in the next two weeks and hopefully check my heart.

It is strange, because I am too young for heart problems and the doses were very small..

My doctors are abroad, and I keep flying out to see them, I have not had good experiences with NHS doctors, they just don't help me, and never find things out in my experience.

I can't keep flying out to see a doctor, I am just wondering if anyone knows a good doctor (endocrinologist) who can deal with a case like mine, I am also happy to go private. I am willing to go anywhere in Britain.

Many thanks

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Hi. Thyroid UK provide a list of private doctors in their pack. It's a good esource.


Hypothroidism can cause heart problems at any age. Read dr MarK Starrs book, hypothyroidism type II.

If you have hashimotos you can go hyper before hypo, it can vary for a while until the thyroid is overwhelmed and starts to fail. It's only temporary though. eventually you become hypo.



I just saw a gp, and they are referring me to an endocrinologist. Can anyone please recommend someone or a hospital? In or near Nottingham, or London. I need to choose one by Thursday.

It would be very much appreciated



I just tried putting Nottingham into the Hospital Compare section of this website and it brought up some options that may be worth you having a look at. :-) You could try doing the same thing for London too. Hope it helps! xx


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