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Ode to the Thyroid by Jack Frost

The thyroid is a funny thing wrapped inside your neck

I'm strong I'm tough I'm young and bold so thyroid ... what the heck

It won't stop me from doing well and living life in full

It's such a tiny little thing who said it had to rule

I don't see why I feel so cold my fingers hurt like mad

I don't see why I feel fatigue why is it so so bad

Why is it that I fall asleep at every given chance

The muscle cramps the tired legs the sickly looking stance

I would get help for all these things but my memory lets me down

I'm going mad its just not fair I forgot the way to town

My minds a fuzz my hair is thin my nails a breaking fast

The lack of hair around my eyes gives everyone a laugh

please doctor can you help me now as I really feel so sad

You call me in and look away you think I'm going mad

The tests are taken all sent off, now its time to wait

At last there is a reason something I can hate

And hate you very much I do for months of grief and fear

For all the days you made me bad to ones that I hold dear

You will not win this battle now as I have all the facts

But hell its hard to fight this thing and get myself on track

so all of you both young and old take heed and listen good

you can't ignore your bodies voice even if you could

Oh so fast things slow down you dont see what it is

Your thyroids got you by your throat yes you ! not mine, not his.

I hope you like this poem as much as I did...............

3 Replies

sums it up brilliantly :-)


Brilliant totally agree couldnt put it better


Magic ! this poem says it all regarding the symptoms.

The doctors should read it,


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