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I have only a week to go to my a ppt with the Endo for the first time so am preparing what to tell him:some of you posted to me a few weeks ago, for which many thanks.

My question is does anyone here suffer from episodes of desperate overheating (I know the opposite is supposed to be the case for hypo) where you are burning all

over sweating profusely feeling sick and

Giddy? Or suffer from bad constipation and finally anyone have nervous twitch in eyelid.

I know there is something Physical wrong with me ie more than depression, I don't care if it's hypothyroidism or something else if I can only get some help to fight the exhaustion and feel better and lose the4 stone Ive put on with no extra food. I will read the past post about 1st visit to the Endo....if anyone has advice please contact me


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Yes Bunny I had a twitchy eyelid for years, and since I no longer get it, I have to assume it was thyroid related! I also experienced the overheating, sweating, feeling dizzy, nausea etc.

Hope you have some success with the endo :-)


I to had all of the above, twitchy eyelid I thought it was because I was tired but reading this I'm also think it's to do with my thyroid, funny thing vie just been tested and to be told they need to increase my thyroxine which they have and since then the twitchy has stopped. Wright down everything that you feel is going on as you might forget to tell them, good luck, take care vikki x


I had my thyroid gland removed I 2005 and according to the blood tests I'm where I need to be most of the time or slightly on the low side (hypothyroid) but I too am always hotter than others around me and definitely have issues with it especially at night. I'm only 50 and while I suspect menopause for the night sweats, there seems to be no explanation for being hot during the day when everyone else is freezing. I'm going to my OB/GYN this week to have my hormones tested but I've been experiencing this hot feeling for years and there wasn't anything to indicate they were low then. I wish I had an answer for you but I've had so many problems since my surgery and haven't gotten anywhere with doctors myself. At least with this group, you know you aren't alone. I'm in the US and even the specialist told me no new research has been done on thyroid issues in over 25 years so it would seem we're on our own in figuring out what's wrong and what to do about it. Best of luck to you though, maybe you'll find a Dr who can help. 


I forgot to mention because of having no thyroid gland I developed a severe vitamin D and calcium deficiency. The symptoms mimic many other diseases like MS and fibromyalgia. Memory loss, confusion, muscle cramps and stiffness, fatigue, insomnia etc. Please make sure your Dr does a simple blood test to monitor those levels. If there's one thing I've learned with this condition, it's you must be proactive, some times do your own research and don't let Dr's dismiss you as a hypochondriac like they did to me for years! 


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