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just been diagnosed underactive hypothyroidism 2 wks ago

taking levothyroxine for 15 dys now. 5 days ago started to feel less fatigued and lots more energy. but today not feeling well just like before and my bones and muscles ache so badly all over. is this to be expected at first. im on 50m levothyroxine per day, i go back next week for my blood test results fot t4 and cpk blood test results. plse can u help i feel so alone.

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Been there aswel feeling very alone, you have come to the right place, when I started treatment I was told it could take up to 6 months to feel better so don't be surprised you don't feel better yet plus they might need to adjust for medicine as you might not be on the right dosage but they will be able to tell that with your next result, good luck take care vikki


i have been on 50mg for a week now and before that i was on 25mg for 6 weeks and i cant say i have noticed a huge difference BUT its the little subtle changes i am noticing and i think you may find this to be the case too? its all roller coaster stuff, one week feel fine, next week feel like you are back to square one....if you have been hypo for ages like i think i have been then it may take you weeks or even months to get back to your *normal* self as it were. Hang in there you are not alone there are a lot of us out allways here to lend an ear should you need it x


Hi there - i am glad to hear that others have good and bad days - i felt great to start with on 50mg, and then terrible and then have trouble with the 75mg, but better in general, just still get tired and grumpy and achey. I think it just takes a long time! Just hang in there!


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