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Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism


Just thought I'd come here to meet people like me and get some first hand info about my new medical condition. I'll begin with how it all started..

Last year in June I was due to start methotrexate for eczema but unfortunately a routine chest x ray before I could picked up something and before that was investigated I couldn't go ahead with treatment. So, as my eczema ia severe and not manageable with just creams my GP prescribed me prednisolone. Before prednisolone I was a healthyish 10 stone, slightly overweight for my height but for a few years I'd struggled to lose weight and was so happy when I lost 2 stone to get there. Anyway, as you can expect I piled back on all that weight I lost and more whilst on prednisolone. When I began weaning off of them I was so happy at the fact I'd get some energy back, lose weight and above akl else feel like me again.

Except none of that happened (came off of them at the beginning of December)

Finally after a blood test I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I was so happy there was a reason that I am like this. Haven't uet started treatment as I only got my test results yesterday and my GP is waiting to hear from a specialist.

Is it possible that prednisolone couldhave caused oit? Because I have had normal thyroid function tests before them.

Thank you.

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Hi there, no I bet think so, 're underactive thyroid. Please if you can come to the meeting tomorrow in truro, be happy to give you a lift, I'm only in Camborne?




Hi Merissa.

Unfortunately can't tomorrow but may be able to attend another time


Hi and welcome to the site.

I wouldn't have said that your medication for eczema would have caused your thyroid issues but I am not expert on eczema medication.

I don't think the question is how did I get this illness but how am I going to manage this illness.

Firstly, if you don't mind, I will take you through a few basics like when and how to take your medication when you get it.

Thyroid medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach, and seeing as it takes a woman's stomach two hours to empty after eating, I always stick to the two hour rule. Which means I don't eat or drink anything (except water) before or after taking levothyroxine.

Because of the food and drink restriction when you are on thyroid medication a lot of people on here find it easier to take their medication at night, just before they turn out their light, making sure they haven't eaten for two hours beforehand. Even doctors are now waking up to the fact that thyroid medication is better absorbed into the system when it is taken of a night with nothing to interfere with the absorption process.

If you are taking anything with iron or calcium in it (which includes milk as it contains a lot of calcium) then the two hours needs to be extended to four hours, as does any other medication or supplements you may be taking.

You need to start asking your GP for print outs of ALL your blood test results - firstly so that you can keep an eye yourself as to what is going on - doctors can and do makes mistakes but if you have your own copies to refer back to you can make sure this is not happening. Secondly you need print outs of your results so that you can post them on here for advice and help - without results (with ranges, which are the numbers in brackets after the results) people on here will be unable to answer your questions with any confidence.

When you next see your GP ask for a print out of your results and post these in the questions section on this site and people will tell you what they think. It is your legal write, by law, to have these results so don't let anyone tell you differently.

What specialist is your doctor waiting to hear from?

Hows that for starters!!!!!

Moggie x


Wow! Thank you :)

I think its an endocrinologist just because I do take a lot of other medication and have a long list of other problems.

I hate to sound like a cheapskate but a friend told me I can get free prescriptions now.. is that true?

I get them free at the moment because I'm 18 and at college but pretty soon I'll be 19 and hopefully working which will probably only be minimum wage and with everything I need all of my money will go on medication :(

Thanks again x


Yes you do, it's the only benefit!! Eczema can also be autoimmune so you may find thyroid treatment improves that too.


Yep - as soon as your GP confirms that you need to go on levothyroxine he will give you a form to complete for a "medical exemption card". If he doesn't give you this then ask for it as you will be on meds for life, you will also get ALL other medication free, so a good saving if you take quite a few meds.

Anything else you want to know just shout as I know how confusing it can be at first. There are a few other things that need mentioning like vitamins (very important) which enable the thyroid medication to work properly, but didn't want to overload you in your first post.

Next time you want to ask a question it would be better for you to do it in the questions section as you will get a lot more response which equals a lot more advice.

Moggie x


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