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Anti-thyroid antibodies


I would like some help/advice regarding anti-thyroid antibodies. I've been having fertility treatment for the past year and have suffered four miscarriages.

My consultant ran thyroid tests - TSH 2.9, and anti-thyroid antibodies - 1:102400. He told me this was extremely high and to discuss with my GP. Did this, but got nowhere as told TSH reading 'within range'.

I don't expect anyone to give me advice re how this could affect fertility, but would like to know if these antibodies could cause underactive symptoms, as I have many.

It also seems that the test results I've been given (1:102400) are in 'old money' and I'm finding it difficult to find any information on the internet. Can anyone convert the TPO reading for me, so I can go back to my GP armed with a little more information?

Many thanks in advance.


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There is an article about the subject of high thyroid antibodies and pregnancy that you might find helpful. You can download it from Thyroid UK website.

High Anti-thyroid Antibodies: Associated with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Even among Euthyroid Women

Dr. John C. Lowe Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2010


hi Peabold,

Sorry to hear of your losses. Can't help with technical bit's ... but just so that you know to keep on trying. Many years before I was diagnosed (it feels like I have always had symptoms) I had several miscarriages inbetween managing to have three healthy happy boy's.. Don't accpet "Your in Normal range" what is normal for you may not be Normal for other people OR within the Dr's Tick box list..


Hi Peabold,

I have been ttc for 18 months after initial tests my throid levels were out of the normal ranges but only by a little. I said that I had symtoms of Hypo and the results came back at 315. (Normal range 0-50). When I got the results one doctor told me to wait 6 months and then get re-tested and I wasn't happy as I had done some research. I saw another doctor and they started me on tablets, I have been them on for about 6 weeks anf feel a little better. I would go back to see another GP thyroid can effect fertility. Good Luck


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