Heavy metal body burden in people with low TSH

Hi again. Thank you Rod for your suggestions on my test results (still unable to respond direct to your comments). Unfortunately ive just heard back from my Endocrinologist, who has (surprise surprise!!) dismissed them as 'absolutely normal', though he does admit that I may be at risk of going into hypothyroidism in the future!!!!!!!

Fortunately my GP agrees with your comments :-) and has referred me on to another (3rd) specialist. Fingers crossed.

My question today though is about the interpretation guidelines on my results as these mention 'consideration of heavy metal body burden in people with low TSH (that is unresponsive to treatment). Although I am not on medication this actually caught my eye because for a long while now Ive been wearing retainers. Could anyone tell me whether I may be right to assume that this ?could? be a signficant factor in the recurrence of my symptoms?

Thanks again


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  • Shaz,

    Best of luck with the third opinion.

    Of what are your retainers made?

    One of the problems with any of the heavy metal issues is what to do about them if they are shown to be a problem.

    Things like chelation have the potential to cause severe problems if not handled by a real expert with appropriate backup.

    All the best


  • Hi Rod, (Glad I can respond to you this time). Thanks. Im not sure but I have my orthodontist appt on wed 4th, will let you know then if thats okay.

    Of note and with hind site the symptoms did actually kick off around the same time I had the braces fitted over a year ago???

    Take care,


  • Hi Rod

    Ive been to the orthodontist who has told me that the retainers are made of stainless steal. She assures me that she's researched intensively and insists that they would not affect my thyroid.

    I have also recently had a gastroscopy and it turns out that I have an ulcer caused by H-pylori bacteria. Would you know if there is any evidence that this could be caused by or linked to thyroid disease?

    .......and just for the record, so much for the specialists denying my illness; my palpitations have now returned at an increased rate, now on an hourly basis lasting for at least 5 mins.

    Thanks again


  • Shaz,

    Well she could well be right. Stainless steel is iron, nickel and chromium. And though all three have potential biological activity, as an alloy stainless steel has been used in implants of various sorts.

    I suggest you read this abstract (below) and make your own mind up.

    Is there anything to the reported association between Helicobacter pylori infection and autoimmune thyroiditis?


    (As usual, the full paper does not appear to be available to mere mortals.)

    And remember, palpitations can be a sign of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Which fact is often ignored.

    All the best


    <b>Updated on Aug 11 2010 9:59PM:</b> And just because that link suggests they are not related, I have my doubts about that.

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