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Why is there so much controversy surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid and adrenal problems?Why the tip - toe approach from GPs & endos?

Maybe....... the cascade of complaints which go together with an unhealthy untreated thyroid would be significantly reduced with the correct treatment and thereby many of the tick-box prescriptions become unnecessary!

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Hi Dogtired

I totally agree with you, it's as if this condition is just brushed 'under the carpet'.

I try not to mention my condition to anyone as when I do I just get a blank expression from people as they have never heard of it, and Im fed up with having to explain it all over again so best keep quiet!

Your name fits how Im feeling today - dog tired - oh well another day tomorrow!!

Take care, & I love the pic of your doggy x


money? free prescriptions for life? GP's given minimum training? Doctors afraid of not towing the line?


Agree with you both!It's just not good enough.....makes one realise how courageous those few docs who have fallen foul of the medical mafia are.

Keep faith!


Nice one Sally.......good on you! I've stopped being Ms gullible and now 'box clever'.......I make sure I'm well informed re docs and subject and if necessary put requests in writing. I'm lucky that I taught biology and PE for years so know a little bit about the way I'm supposed to work! Have you signed Dr Skinners petition yet?

Is that a lurcher you've got or a whippet.......He's comfy anyway!


Hi Sally.....1 dog......6yr old weimarana who never grew up! Used to go for longer walks with him but shorter now as I get knackered after 40mins! Dr Peatfield says it will get better in time so there's light at the end of the tunnel!!


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