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We are all of the same opinion that TD sufferers are misdiagnosed in one form or another. My example is of my Endo consultant emphatically refusing to agree that I have a thyroid problem because my TSH is within range, though my other profiles are abnormal. He tried to perscribe me HRT for early menopause, even though my hormone profiles were normal, but yet still insists on monitoring my thyroid profile every few months. This to me screams of dishonesty and a considerable lack of concern from these so called care providers. Call me stupid if you will, but has anyone ever approached the BMA from a legal standpoint regarding these issues? Surely there are legal implications abound here. They are knowingly allowing people to suffer for the sake of protocol. How are they allowed to get away with it? Americans are alert to the issues and appear to take this disease very seriously now. Why cant we??

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Shaz, Although I'm not in your situation, I can certainly understand how you feel. I've no idea about the legal standpoint, but I'm sure you're not the first to ask this question, so maybe someone else will jump in on this with something useful.


Shaz, you won't be the first or last to be pushed down the menapause route. It is the FFF syndrome - female/forties/fifties - must be your menapause - take some HRT! This happened with my now ex GP for 2 yrs until still pushing me down the route of FFF he sent me to the Gynae Endo who said my symtpoms had nothing to do with PMS or menapause and were highly suggestive of thyroid issues!! I am now 2 wks into my first lot of albeit low dose (25) of thyroxine.

Do NOT take HRT if you can help it - I took it for 6 wks and stopped when I felt worse than ever and swelled up like a balloon! I understand HRT could exacerbate thryoid issues?

You do have a right to seek a second opinion from another GP and/or Endo - make sure that the Endo doesn't specialise in diabetes or gynae - ask for one who has an interest in thyroid.

As for legal - well there are campaigns that go on from various quarters - I believe that people are contacting their MPs and requesting a meeting to raise the poor treatment of thyroid disorders and one has already resulted in info going forward to the Health bloky, Andrew Lansley.

Hope this helps.



O.K. I've read enough, when i pluck up the courage & my energy levels return to NORMAL { whatever that IS....} I'm going to find a suitable building to climb, pop on my Butterfly wings & attemp to fly saftley to the ground, Oh ! probably give Anglia or Look East a bit of notice 1st. Watch this space.....


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