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Is anyone else feeling ill due to the heat.

I’m always hot & sweat a lot. As per usual Gp can’t understand why.

Since this heatwave started I’ve gradually gone down hill .

I cannot cool down. Literally sat here sweating in my pjs. I can’t go out , so uncomfortable.

I was going to go out in the car & drive round with the air con on , but know I’ll feel worse when I get back in.

I have a shower & 2 minutes later I’m sweating again. Put off washing my hair as that’s even worse.

I’ve had a headache for 3 days & can’t get rid of it . I feel so weak.

I did a Covid test yesterday, was beginning to think it was that . Came up Negative thank goodness.

Everyone else is basking in the weather & I’m inside hibernating . Can’t believe I’m praying for it to cool right down.

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Certainly I'm suffering like you and I think a great many people are.

We bought an air cooler, best thing ever cooled the room after an hour or so. I am pleased we got this, much better than a fan.

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When were B12 and folate last tested

Essential to regularly retest vitamin D, folate, ferritin, B12 and folate

What vitamin supplements are you currently taking

Looking at previous posts…..are you still taking propranolol?

I’m still taking propranolol to slow my heart rate & help with anxiety.

I take Vitamin D regularly, when tested always low.

I’ve had B12 tested which was


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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to scoobydoo87

Propranolol slows uptake and conversion of levothyroxine Ft4 into Ft3

How much Propranolol are you currently taking

You must not stop propranolol suddenly

Needs to be reduced EXTREMELY slowly




Also propranolol tends to lower Parathyroid levels and magnesium

How much vitamin D are you currently taking

Are you on strictly gluten free diet

Hi, I take 20mg twice a day, if I’m struggling 20mg 3 times a day. Not sure on my Vit D, I took a large dose initially then a maintenance dose of one a month. I threw the box away for as I only had one left.

I’m not on Gluten free diet , it’s something I need to try, read a lot of positive reviews.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to scoobydoo87

Personally only by going gluten free enabled me to get off propranolol after being stuck on it 19 years (4 x 10mg propranolol per day)

Absolutely essential to regularly retest vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Magnesium levels likely low on propranolol too

Read The magnesium miracle by Carolyn Dean

Extremely important to only cut propranolol down very very slowly. And get vitamins optimal first

I found I could tolerate 5mg reduction. Then wait 6-8 weeks. Repeat etc. Last 5mg by far hardest. Drop one day week. Following week twice week (not consecutive days) etc etc ….took 4-6 months to ween off

I’m going to read the magnesium miracle tonight.

I take a few different medications & wish I could get rid of them all. You really don’t know which medication causes what problem.

Thank you for your advice, much appreciated.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to scoobydoo87

Propranolol is used to treat HYPERTHYROID patients

But often inappropriately prescribed to hypothyroid patients

Very important to reduce dose EXTREMELY slowly

In hot weather I cut back my thyroid dose a little every 2 or 3 days until the weather settles down a bit. Recommended in Dr Peatfield's book, as you don't need as much as when the weather is cold.

You probably drink plenty of water, but the other thing I do is make sure I take enough salt. When you sweat you may notice that your sweat tastes of salt, so you need to restock. I dissolve some salt in water and take a few sips if I feel that I need it. My family went on a caravanning holiday in France one summer and my father (a doctor) got us to drink a small glass of salt water most days because of the heat.

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Timbutdim in reply to Anthea55

I think that's a good idea. How much do you cut down about 25mcg every other day? Has that cooled you down a bit .

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Anthea55 in reply to Timbutdim

Here's a link to a post about a month ago about changing dose in summer, which you may find interesting. Various people who change their dosage.


Hi, I'm just the same . Even eating breakfast I'm soaked. Only thing I've found helpful is a ride on an electric bike generates a nice breeze.

Hi scoobydoo87, I empathise and have not really found any medication solution but I do find these ice bags (meant for joint pain) to be very helpful, you fill them with ice and and water, then stay cold for a long time. I’m not recommending Amazon I’m sure they sell them in lots of places. amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00GXD...

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scoobydoo87 in reply to Aunds

I’d thought about getting frozen peas out of the freezer, then didn’t know which part of my body needed cooling first.

Just ventured out in the car, went to McDonald’s , it had air con . First time I’ve felt comfortable all week.

I’m going to have a look at the ice bags. Thankyou.

Hi, I have been sitting most of day and night with a frozen hot water bottle next to me, and sipping cold water during the day,

I take less ndt in the summer than in the winter. Our bodies with a normal functioning thyroid would do this automatically. On a full replacement dose I have to manually do this by taking less. For me thats usually a 1/4 to 1/2 grain less deprnding how warm a summer is. During a heat wave I may temporarily cut this dose further.....what I did this time was literally miss a days dose.....then resumed the next day at my summer dose. Worked well. However I am on a combination therapy so if on T3 only I wouldn't recomment stopping all together for a day but reducing further your daily dose. The other great wonder is a good electric fan, some people buy portable air con units.....Ive not gone that far.....yet!

I have a large portable air con unit in the bedroom. Best investment ever. I live in a cottage and the bedrooms are partially in the roof, it gets very hot up there and the tiny windows don't help. So for a heatwave like this we run it an hour before we go to bed and then have it on until around 3am on the timer. It's absolutely marvellous. I can put up with the days if I can sleep comfortably. It's really noisy, but good earplugs solve that issue. We bought it two summers ago after I had a funny turn on a very hot day. I would not be without it. It doesn't get used often, but when you need it, you need it.

I'm not optimally medicated so I don't think I need to reduce dose for heat, but like the OP I'm always too hot, even in winter (with low actual body temp), so 36.8C as it was at 4pm on Sunday according to our garden weather station was a bit much for me! However it's humidity that does me in, not really the temperature. We are not used to such sustained heat in the UK. This has been a difficult week.

I think I’m going to buy a portable air conditioning unit, I definitely think it will help. Can’t go on like this.

You mentioned low body temperature. I never bothered taking mine before, but with Covid had it done a lot. Mine is really low. Between 35.5-36.5 most of the time.

It’s unbelievable when I’m so hot.

Sounds like you are under medicated or you arent absorbing it properly.

You have my sympathies. I am the same and really struggling with the heat. I’m getting up very early for me, about 6 am and open all the windows and will close them by 9 am. Showers don’t help as by the time I’m out and dry am sweating again. Feel so lethargic and getting frustrated at not getting anything done.

I was going to do so much this week, ended up doing absolutely nothing.

It’s definitely frustrating.

Oh i know what you are going through same here, cannot wait fir it to cool down.

You say everyone is basking in the weather: I’m not aware of that. Most people seem to be struggling, even the younger people. Certainly everyone I know is struggling, and having to adapt their activities and do as little as possible, taking it very easy. The weather conditions are really unpleasant.

This heat is extreme, and not helped by nights being so warm. I’ve been struggling for some time now and try to only go out very early in the morning. It does feel worse this year than normal for me; I’d quite like to live in the shower.! Washing my hair and then leaving it to dry naturally is much more comfortable so I’ll forego elegance until the weather breaks. Make sure you drink plenty of water as dehydration won’t help the headaches.

Absolutely! I just cannot control my temperature, the sweat just pours out of me. It’s unbearable I can’t leave the house. I never suffered like this but since having a total thyroidectomy it’s been horrendous. I currently take 75 levothyroxine and 20 Liothyronine, it was reduced from 100 about 6 weeks ago because my tsh is suppressed and the sweating is now worse than ever.

Baggieswidow, mainstream GPs are pbsessed with TSH as a yardstick for defining hypothyroidism. They're wrong. TSH level is not particularly meanigful if you are on thyroid hormone medication. What defines hypothyroidism is more to do with your FT3 and FT4 levels and your symptoms. My wife experienced the same TSH-obsession issue as you did and, reluctantly, we ended up going private to get appropriate thyroid treatment. If you have no thyroid, I'd say there's a distinct chance that you need T3 medictaion as well as T4, but to make a judgement I'd need to see your FT3 and FT4 levels and it would be good to check your Vitamin D, B group viamins and iron levels as well.

There's a great interview on You Tube with Paul Robinson talking to Dr Wistin Childs which I strongly recommend.

By the way, I'm not hypo - my wife is - and I've also been rendered non-productive by this heatwave, which I believe comes to an end tonight, thank goodness.

JML do a cooling mat which is absolutely amazing the best £10 I ever spent ..you put it in the freezer you can put it inside your pillow on your lap on your feet it’s great ..other brands are possibly available but the one I mentioned is available in high street stores especially a chemist beginning with B

I'm the same. Had Graves, then RAI, then hypo ever since, and my thermostat is faulty!

The VERY BEST things I've found are cooling towels. Wet one under the tap, wear it round your neck( or anywhere else you need!), wet it again when your body warmth dries it out.

It is SO cooling. I wear one all day now in hot weather, day or night. Eg:


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FancyPants54 in reply to TaraJR

I LOVE cooling towels. Absolutely perfect for this weather. My husband plonks his in a pile on his head as he works and I love to have mine round my neck, over my shoulders, down my arms - anywhere. I've even found this week that draping it over my thighs when sitting has actually made my legs cold!

They are all over Amazon. I have 5. Will never be without them again. All you need is a little cold water to soak them and good to go.

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TaraJR in reply to FancyPants54

Absolutely! I have 4 now !!

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FancyPants54 in reply to TaraJR

I should be on commission. I told a "melting" woman on Twitter about them. Hers arrived yesterday and she was thrilled. Even if the heat is nearly over, I use them if I get hot doing a job or exercising.

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TaraJR in reply to FancyPants54

Lol. They are brilliant though . And cheap , easy, quick and washable!

Just ordered a pack of 4 off Amazon.

They’ll get plenty of use.

Thank you

You will love them.

I went to work yesterday with a small hand towel round my neck that I kept wet! It really worked to help keep me cool.

Have you had your cortisol level checked? I had high Cortisol 2 years ago and would sweat a lot and for no reason. It’s a complex subject but the high cortisol suppressed my thyroid and your thyroid regulates your body temperature.

Our bodies aren’t used to the heat. And thyroid patients often have issues with temperature regulation. Plus there’s the age issue - I’m peri menopausal so its game over on the overheating front 🥵 Don’t worry the rain is coming soon.

Plenty and plenty of water is one answer.

Hi, I totally am in agreement with you. I had Graves’ disease, then total thyroidectomy… when I had Graves… ugh sweating all the time. So this heat is like having Graves all over again. Here’s a laugh for you… I went to have a shower late at night, didn’t want to disturb my husband so I didn’t put the light on and had a freezing cold shower… by accident of course, but it really did feel good…chilled me right to the bones… The heatwave it supposed to be coming to an end soon…. Drink lots of water is the best advice ever… try to stay cool and if you don’t need to do anything… “just chill … and read a book”. I’m sure everyone will be complaining when the rain comes back and winter arrives. Take care x

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FancyPants54 in reply to Arlenka

I've done a lot of reading this week. In a chair under a tree in the shade. Lovely. I do have to go into work today and actually ship some customer orders. I went in on Monday and that's been it! They will be complaining soon.

I'm exactly the same. My hair drips with sweat. I have 2 fans in living room 1 in kitchen. I've got back and front doors open to try and create a draft. Nothing makes me cooler except sitting still with fans blowing on me. Headache too just like you. I'm even leaving curtains and blinds closed to keep heat out Praying for cooler weather! Seems a shame when we see so little good weather in UK . Just do what you can, don't worry about getting things done . Rest.

Yup the heat is killing me! I shut my blinds and windows and sit in front of a fan all day. I cannot tolerate the sun or the heat I just keep out of it. Also been known to go and sit in the air con of my car or wander round a supermarket when I start to feel really ill. You dont have to have the air con on in the car at 16 degrees put it up to 18 0r 20 still cooler and more comfortable. I feel your discomfort!

I’ve been putting wet scarfs/ towels in the freezer for 15 min or so then lay them over my head and wrap around my head. I even go out to the shops with a big Wet scarf Over my my head. This heat is also getting to me I was a bit worried people would laugh at me when they saw me out with with the wet scarfs draped around me but no one gave me a second look. I also forked out alot of money on a cooler from Argos last year it’s been worth every penny and if you can afford it I would recommend, as they’re a great help. x

You need a cooling towel. Or several. Microfibre scarves that you soak, wring out and drape. They do what you are trying to do, but the microfibre wicks the water and heat away faster. I will never be without mine again. I tie them around my neck in a bow like a scarf for shopping.

Hey they sound great! thank you for telling me about them I will definitely buy some now I know About them

They fold up small and the set of 5 I bought came with little plastic bags (stiff, with a good seal) for each one so I can wet it and take it with me in my bag if I don't need it straight away. Amazon is your friend for these. There are many options. Mine are the size of a longish neck scarf.

Fancypants .. i think you should pack that other business in, and just sell these instead. you're doing very well so far ;) and i haven't even got to the end of the thread yet. (I'm too tight to buy one.. i use old worn out towels and a house with lots of holes in)

There are lots of holes in my house too, but the walls are thick stone so it takes a few days to heat up downstairs, however now the stone will be acting as a storage heater for another week. Everyone will be complaining about how cold it's got next week and I'll still be sweating inside.

I'm afraid an old towel isn't the same. I know because I've done both. The cooling towel fabric is way more efficient. You are right, selling heavy old self-adhesive tapes is too much like hard work. I'll sell cooling towels for 2 weeks of the year and retire on the profits.

lol ....ive previously pictured you shipping out 'fancy pants' around the world ....i'll have to revise my image. sticky tape , yeah i bet that is a bit heavier than pants.

My business is called Fancy Tapes. I sell all sorts of tape that was hard to get in the UK and EU before I started, or hard to buy in smaller quantities. Gaffer and electrical tape in really nice colours, industrial tapes for factories, and small amounts of industrial tape for home use (some industrial tapes cost hundreds of pounds a roll so if you just want 4m of it you don't want a whole roll!), reflective tapes for vehicles and boats, and then the fancy, metallic, shiny tapes used on lots of dance and sports equipment and in film and theatre and anything else you can think of, which is where the name came from. A box of 48 rolls of gaffer tape is heavy! I don't sell easy to get hold of tapes, no point. I'm a bit more specialist.

ah, i know those, very snazzy..... the whole festival and party scene runs on people 'forgetting ' to give back that roll of unusually brightly coloured gaffa tape that someone lent them. .... it's very handy for making people notice tent pegs in the dark. Being a cheapskate who bought nothing but sensible black gaffa to hold a mobile stage together with , i never bought any pretty tape of my own,, but i 'borrowed' plenty.. so they probably bought some more off you.

Ha ha!

Fortunately the exhibition industry uses loads of coloured gaffer on stands and stages.

Q. What's the definition of quality workmanship?

A. no wrinkles in the gaffer tape !

Q. What's the definition of a quality gaffer tape?A. A clean removal.

Yes that would be nice ... don't suppose you have a trade secret for how to get the 'stringy mesh bits' off the side of a van when it's been baked on for weeks ? .Or does it just serve me right for buying my gaffa off the market.

I'm afraid that's cheap gaffer for you. Try lighter fluid on it (test it out of sight first incase it leaches the paint). I use lighter fluid to clean tape gunk off all sorts of things.

Failing that you might need to chip it off with a sharp blade!

i might just paint over it... :)

~~ "only Best Quality Gaffer Tape must be used to fasten canvas to this truck"~~

Yes, that's a good idea. It will remind you. Seek out Pro Gaff brand. That will peel off nicely, unless you let it bake for years. But I have it on my wheel barrow for handle grips and it's done great for a long time. Duct tape is even worse by the way, so don't be tempted down that route. If you duct something together it should be for a short time only or you will get a mess.

I live in Australia and we get very hot here so in summer I get up very early and do what I have to do outside then come Back inside and sit in front of the air conditioner to cool down ,if I have go out in the heat I do what ever needs to be done and quickly get back in front of air conditioner. I can manage if I can keep coming back to cool down. Didn't find ice vest did much for me was better with cold wet blouse and wet tea towel around my neck. Hope that helps.

I've been having this problem too, turns out it's early menopause, work is unbearable I have to wear pads under arms and a vest so the sweat dosnt seep through my top I work in hospitality. I'm 43 btw

Get thee to HRT, you can't be doing with that and at your age you need to replace that oestrogen, at least until the average age of menopause at 52, so that your bones don't thin too soon. Sweating is one of the first things HRT gets rid of for most.

I always recommend this web site to women reaching peri or menopause because it's packed with excellent information. Here's a video session just perfect for you.


I started hrt on Tuesday just. Kliovance so hoping it helps, thanks for the info x

Excellent. That's quite a low dose tablet though so if you don't feel much relief go back and ask for transdermal oestrogen (through the skin) it's considered better than tablets these days and comes in gel, patch or spray. I use the spray. It's a lot easier to adjust the dose upwards with these newer skin products.

Give the tablet 3 months and then review it. You can read all about all the different types on that web site I linked for you.

Thank you, I have a review in a couple of months, the first couple if days were rough, feeling sick stomach pain and headache but it's settled down now

All those oestrogen receptors that have been starved of the hormone for a long time have to wake up and work out what's going on. Hence the headaches and feelings of sickness. It passes and things end up on a more even keel again.

I hate the heat too. I go to bed with a frozen ice block (the sort you put in a picnic box) and wrap it in a towel so I get the coldness slowly.I get migraines from the heat too.

We decided to buy a portable aircon unit last week - life saver for me. I’ve stayed indoors but been able to do things. I only go in the garden after 8pm to water my pots.

Looking forward to the cooler months when I can snuggle under a duvet to keep warm - yes, I do feel the cold too 😂 but not quite as much as when I was under medicated.

I hope you feel better over the next few days as it cools down a bit.

I have a huge issue with heat (not sweating) I purchased a neck fan (looks like headsets) not perfect solution to over heating but its does help me a little so at least I don’t feel like Im having heat exhaustion every time Im outside for too long.

Although I’m not sweating, I too hate the heat. I feel so lethargic and my feet swell like balloons. So uncomfortable!

I am the same with out the heatwave just the normal summer weather as me dripping the GP just suggested I use the sweat blocking anti perspirant , didn't seem to understand I leak from head to foot. I finally took the ultimate decision and had aircon installed ,. The best thing I ever did it is not as expensive as you may think it is also good on those days when it is not worth putting the central heating on because it is also a heater .

I’ve been feeling awful, low blood pressure and no energy. I felt like I was going to fall over. I’ve been putting oral hydration powder in my water, and have slightly improved today roll on the rain.

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