hi, am wondering if anyone with hypothyroidism goes through life permanently burning up when all we hear is that we're supposed to feel the cold terribly.  I lie awake every night with the overhead fan on even when it's supposedly cold and find getting through the day quite debilitating because every time I exert even the tiniest bit of energy I have to lie down with the aircond on... I mean it happens when I wash 2 or 3 items or cook a tiny snack.. it doesn't have to be heavy work... I am soo fed up with feeling like this.  I have been on 75mcg thyroxine for several years and am told that my results, which I have  get tested every 3 months, say I am normal... please help!


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  • yes i do....but Im slightly over medicated off and on....Menopause few years back made my hypothyroidism a bit jumpy....I just recently told them to tweak the meds so slowly..Often GP want to change it i think more drastic....I recently read if your over medicated it can plaque up your arteries...so much for low fat diet and taking care of myself previous...Anywho, yes im a ball of sweat, and very easily it happens...My bedroom window is open any season...

  • I have never heard of anything so ridiculous - plaque up arteries??? Where did you read that? 

  • I would like to see a link to this report

  • Hi Suze,

    When fatty tissue builds up on the wall of the arteries it is called "plaque"-  it is a symptom of arteriosclerosis and can cause heart problems.  Most of my father's family died from it.

    It isn't the same as dental plaque.

    Hope that helps.

  • actually the GP said that, because your heart is working harder when your over medicated (speeded up)...and if I can find the article again, i have read that too...

  • Hot flushes and overheating is common amongst people on Levothyroxine/hypothyroidism.  I started the menopause 5 years ago, oreorless as soon as I started the Levo. and life has been hell ever since as I have suffered lots of other side effects as well.  I am now on NDT but no improvement yet but I'm probably not on the right dose yet.  I've seen a Rheumotologist this week whom has recommded HRT and as I am high risk of Osteoporosis (also common in people with our complaint) this is probably what I am going to do.  5 years of hot flushes is too much.  People's bloods are often normal according to your GP when in fact they are not what others would call normal.  In addition, one can often continue to have lots of complaints associated with hypothyroidsm but as long as the bloods are`normal'., often GP's and some Consultants will deny they are related to the condition.

  • There are many health problems caused from being UNDER medicated which affects too many people because of the unreliable TSH blood test!

    Doctors are misinformed, it is not their fault.



  • Hi haras. If you post your latest blood test results with the ranges members here will be able to comment.

  • i had that before i realized i was estrogen dominant meaning i had too little progesterone and too little estrogen but it was out of balance so dr gave me bhrt and in 2 nights i was back to sleeping and not waking up in sweats and kicking off the covers and my husband freezing with 4 blanket on him....lol.....the ac would be on 66, the ceiling fan and floor fan would be on and i would still be hot.....i could not believe a little bhrt could help....but wow....dr gave me low dose estrogen and low dose progesterone cream ....but many women do fine with progesterone twice a day....i also would get heat attacks without warning any time of the day....not anymore

  • I am oestrogen dominant(big fibroids still,at 66)When I use trans-dermal progesterone,I get oestrogen rebound,as described by Dr John Lee,the pioneer of progesterone therapy.

    I know I need to get my hormones balanced as part of my path to better health(I am on T3 with NDT,LDN,& am GF) I am going to try DIM again,but in the meantime I  am taking Agnus Castus.Tried DIM for a few days but got headaches.

    Any feedback from anyone on this very important aspect of living well with hypothyroid disease?

  • Hi, I get pellets inserted by my GYN, then take progesterone in cap at night.  I used to go to anti aging doc and it was 400.00 for Estrodial and Testerone.  She puts the pellets in my buttocks/hip area.  It used to cost me 100.00 per month for compounded  progesterone and then 3 bottles of stuff the doc has you take for no cancer.  He cost me way more money.  Also, my body seems to eat everything.  Thyroud is checked every 3 months and my GYN, has me get a blood test for implants every 6 weeks.  I always have to go for booster, as my body seems to consume quickly!  I've never done cream, but knowing myself, I'd not do it correctly! Lol

  • I am going for female hormone tests myself soon as aftet ruling many things out a d other tests out the private doctor I saw thinks I might have such an imbala that is causing me similar issues and T3 conversion problems. Can I ask what the B is before the HRT?

  • BIO IDENTICAL instead of synthetic or horse urine etc

  • For me, i couldnt teally gauge temperature. I had a cleaning job early in the morning when i was at university and in the middle of winter i would go in my cardigan and tshirt- no coat... People would ask if i was cold but I wasn't... Only seems strange to me now in retrospect but i was definitely hypo and not over medicated (hadnt been diagnosed at that point)

  • Yes! Sounds very familiar and it's a horrible feeling.  I keep one of those cooling mist sprays on my desk to help at work. I have steadily increased from 75 mcg to 175 mcg over the last 4 years and find my symptoms have improved each time my dose has increased but this only lasts for a few months and then they return :(

  • I do, it is horrendous so I completely sympathise. I even had my hormones checked just to make sure I wasn't going through early menopause....They were normal. I'm dreading the warmer weather again. What makes it worse for me is that my mother is also hypo and is "typically" cold ALL the time 😕.

  • Me too on and off .. Been on Levo for a year started on 25mcg now having 75mcg one day and 100mcg another... I'm waiting on bloods to come back ? ..I know others who sweat too I have Hashimoto's I wondered if it was the antibodies flaring up ? Sorry not much help but your not alone with your symptoms :(. I think sometimes hypo and hyper symptoms over lap as 11 years ago I was HYPERTHYROID with TPO antibodies and they said my thyroid would burn out which it did a year ago .. When I got symptoms a year ago I thought I was HYPER again but was in fact hypo ..

    Hope it improves soon .. It's bloody rubbish 😥 Xxxxx

  • lynnwin My sweating got worse long after my thyroid gave up the ghost so I don't think it can be caused by antibodies unless these keep attacking after the thyroid has been destroyed. I am mostly cold but get hot sweats, often after eating or for no apparent reason at all. My menopause ended years ago which was when the hot sweats started. I had undiagnosed hashis for years before this....and for years after this.

  • Hormone imbalance mine has stopped since going on wahls paleo.

  • tell me more!

  • Google Terry wahls ted ed talk. It's well worth watching.

  • Many thanks!

  • I read somewhere - although I no longer know where - that T2 is responsible for temperature control (in rats, but it probably applies to us!) So, if you don't have enough T3, then you probably won't have enough T2, and you may have problems with heat as well as the cold.

    But that's way too complicated for most doctors to understand!!

    Even though I now take T3 as well as T4, I still have trouble with indoor heating as well as the cold. I have to use layers of clothing (and bedding) to keep as comfortable as possible. I'm constantly putting things on and taking things off!

  • That's me too! I feel like "Patricia the Stripper" sometimes :D

  • Hello haras 

    Yes that's me, I find it so embarrassing when I am in the shops dripping with sweat and the summer is unbearable. 

    I'm not menopausal but still I'm always so hot and dripping !! 

  • That's me too! I find it so hard to shop for clothes, as even in winter the shops have heaters on and I am wet through, clothes sticking to my body, so cannot try things on :(

  • My LDL is 180 My TSH is low. My HDL is really low. I am so tired, have brain fog, and I cry over anything. I don't have any energy and am at high risk for stroke or heart attack. I feel you and what you are going through.

  • Please tell me who has told you that you are at high risk of heart attack or stroke! Have you been prescribed statins?

    Is your free t4 towards the top of the lab range? 



  • saintdoll have you thought about seeing a functional health dr?  Also look up someone called Dr Chatterje and sign up for his news letter..  The issues that I have with statins is that they can cause some people a lot of side effects.  I realie that some dr's will not agree with this but when I was learning about heart problems and the human body etc I was always told Whilst statins can stop someone from having a heart attack it has now been proven they will pro long a patients life by three days.  The thing is statins can save someone life but you also need to check everything out before taking any drugs.  Look at your diet, weight, cholesterol levels etc.  All the best with everything.

  • Sorry to go off topic a bit but your comment about statins and cholesterol reminded me that Dr Malcolm Kendrick has added to his blog page recently. New research has found that lowering cholesterol actually increases risk of death!


  • Feel my heart pounding as if ready to give way tell me have you people had thyriod scan as I haven't thank you

  • you are sending this to the wrong person.  I am haras and the person who spoke of strokes etc was replying to me.. so ask her!

  • I am writing in the right place, everyone in the conversation should get a notification when there is a comment

  • I understand your symptoms too, if I move about , or eat a meal I become even hotter,  it's very uncomfortable, my GP. said thyroid problems can cause our thermostats  not to  work efficiently!

  • Golly!!!! That GP knew something about thyroid conditions!!!!

  • I do feel overheated when nobody else is but then I feel so cold if I go shopping without a coat.

    Our thermostats are awry and then for us women we have the added problem of hormones changing.

    Have you had your sex hormones tested? I would never recommend HRT but it's up to you to research it yourself.  I use a natural progesterone cream.

    Also diet can affect your heat, do you find that you over heat after some meals?



  • thanks for that... could you please give me the name of the progesterone cream?. . and yes, I do overheat after meals, even when they are healthy

    and I do realize that if I eat chocolate or sweets of any description it reeeally sends my temperature soaring to new heights.

  • I have used natural progesterone cream for long periods but I get oestrogen rebound,as I am oestrogen dominant.My last supplier tells OD individuals  to up the dose to max & it will sort.Tried that.

    Dr John Lee states that oestrogen dominance can lead to oestrogen rebound.He observed it in women with large fibroids.I now realise having large fibroids that didn't shrink at menopause is linked to hypothyroidism.The drs do not make that link.

  • Hi, I too suffer from debilitating excess heat and like you I am literally  dripping with perspiration when doing anything - even when I put on my make up! I have only had two months on 25mcg of levothyroxine, such a low dose I imagine,  and the only thing I notice is that my mouth is so dry, it feels like sandpaper and its impossible for me to wear lipstick as I get a layer of dried up skin on my lips. I thought my Dr had wrongly diagnosed me as I too thought I should be feeling cold with hypothyroidism. I carry a small fan around with me, not ideal but anything that cools me down is a bonus. 

  • When I reply under each comment my comment does not go in the right place ???

  • @suze if you type @ and the persons name it puts them in the message start in blue - it is some new thing they have introduced today & seems to work....

  • I meant Chippysue  it is case sensitive

  • ha! that's how you do it - thanks, I did wonder :)

  • I have been on thyroxine for 32 years.  I have recently been diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, which apparently can  run hand in hand.  I have been like you for years, its is awful but, since my diabetes diagnosis and the upping (now on 200mgs) a day of Thyroxine it has improved considerably. Get it checked.

  • Witsend  Did you get diabetes symptoms? I have wondered if I might be affected  but I don't have typical symptoms. I crash out in the evenings and get gustatory sweating plus other random hot flushes  

  • Witsend  check out the LDHF diet

    Sorry typo - that should have said LCHF diet

  • thanks so much witsend. i have received over 100 replies and cannot reply to all of them but particularly wanted to acknowledge yours because you are one of the very few men who have this problem.  I have been asking my Dr to up my strength (75mcg) and he says it's not necessary as everything is "fine"!

    Thanks again.. really appreciate your input.

  • Hi, if your autoimmun maybe look at the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis see if any other symptoms are present or lupus they both go together with thyroiditis and could explain the overheating plus read up on microchemerism see if that could of happened to you. Good luck 

  • I'm the same, my face is the worst. I sing and it's embarrassing, my face sweats when I eat as well and if it's at all spicy or pickles my face runs! It's really making life a misery.

  • Hi 

    Your not crazy no worries I have hypeethorid and really struggle with temperature changes my freinds will be walking around freezing and I'm stood there thinking it's snowing I wish I could wear shorts, unfortunately this has meant I get a lot of colds and things because I don't realise when it's cold and of it's hot in the summer it's very tiring. 

    My doctor had me on heart meds at one point that helped because it slowed my heart rate down and helped me cool down basically but my heart rate was very fast and still is it may be something worth looking into but may not be right for you.  

    Hope it helps 

  • I am on a Beta Blocker for blood pressure that is supposed to slow my heart rate down but it has done nothing for the heat.

  • You're normal :)  I, fortunately have a very cold house so I cope.  But if I go visit mother I have to strip right down to barest minimum and still can't cope.  Unfortunately it is made worse for me because I don't sweat.  Oh woe is me :(

  • Hi I think if you have Hashi then this is normal as each day fluctuates as the thyroid gets differences in degrees of attack from antibodies, I find that I have to change my medication every so many days to suit what's going on some days I take 200mgc t3 other days less its a difficult disease to keep on top of.  I was on the wrong medication for 20 years due to the reluctance of dr to give t3 only and it was much worse then as t4 or combination t4/t3 didn't treat my symptoms so hot flushes constantly now much better.

  • Hi bossbird, I also am on T3 only and was wondering if you have ever had painful leg muscles? I am currently on 125mgc and have reached this level before and stopped because of the same problem (thinking I had upped my T3 too quickly) about 3 days after stopping T3 the pains went. I then restarted T3 at 50mgc daily and slowly elevated again and yet again the pains have returned. :( I was wondering if you have experienced the same at any point? I was wondering if I need to go through this because I am not yet optimally dosed or if I may be over dosed? :/

  • Hello Haras. I had "warm" symptoms ( I've got hashi and is on 75mcg Levo since early 2012). But different from you I think. I did feel warmer than normal as I was a chilly person. Had these horrible burning feelings in my feet and knees. Could hardly bear any covers in bed!  Had frozen shoulder twice. When I went to the doctor for the second frozen shoulder, I told her how bad I felt too, you know, mental/physical sluggishness, joint/muscle pain, miserable nights... Of course, she said it's not the thyroid, I'm on the right dose etc.,  and sent me for lots of blood tests. The only abnormal one was some inflammatory markers were a bit raised. Anyway, she prescribed me naproxen 500mg x2 a day. I have taken it for 4 months and over this time my burning and hot feeling have reduced greatly. I had started to take 5-htp about the same time because I felt so down with it all. That helped me, surprisingly, to sleep better, a lot better. For now, I feel nearly human again. (I hope I'm not speaking too soon!). The hot/ burning feeling has subsided and I I can sleep with pyjamas and covers on! Maybe it was all due to inflammation. Anyway, I have just requested an extra course of naproxen. And I do hope and pray I do not go back where I was for 4 years. It has been hell. It's a long road to find what helps. I tried so many things...I hope you find a solution. I thoroughly understand how it can bring you down. Keep us informed. 

  • thanks so much Mimie.. very interesting! I'll have to look into naproxen as I know if I just get the slightest bit worse than I am now with all the other symptoms I'll be unable to function properly. It's so damn debilitating isn't it.

    Our Autumn has just started and I'm looking forward to the winter but it's never cool enough for me. I could go on forever about all my ailments but I won't bore you with that. it's just a pain in the arse isn't it. Good luck to you in the future and hope you continue to feel better... warmest wishes

  • I wonder why Naproxen helps.  Naproxen is the same as Aleve in U.S. and is an NSAID.  I will try it when the weather is warmer here in U.S. and see what happens.

  • I would love to give it a go but am so against any type of drug. I have been wanting to get off the thyroxine but am afraid to do so as I take 75mcg and have been for years but I wonder if it's the main cause of all our problems.. I guess I could try but if I die I won't know if it works will I... lol. They prob put aluminium and alll sorts of nasty fillers in the stuff. Don't know about US but Australia only prescribes thyroxine so I don't have a choice!

  • I was feeling so bad back in November, I was crying when I got up after yet another horrible night, jut thinking I had to face another day. I had been feeling so bad without a break for months, couldn't even drag myself to the doctor about my shoulder. I read some mention 5-htp so I thought I'd give it a try. Another thing to try, did except anything good but within days I had better nights sleep and felt I could face the day and the doctor. When I had the first frozen shoulder in 2013, I was prescribed cortisone injection, dihydrocodeine and physio. This, time I got the naproxen (it a higher dose than over the counter) because I said the injection and the painkiller did not help that much. I think that maybe, my body had a lot of inflammation - one of the reasons for the frozen shoulders?- and what made me feel hot and burning? I had used over the counter ibuprofen but it never helped much. So, I have felt so much better most of the time for 4 months, which has never happened since I started with the hypo. Had had the odd couple of week respite once in a while but reacenty, feeling bad had become relentless. This is my story so far. I hope I carry on feeling fairly good and that it helps some of you and gives you hope. Good luck to you all fellow sufferers x

  • I have Hashis but not medicated for it. Looking inti hormone imbalances for a possible answer to this and my thyroid symptoms. Funny enough I took some Naxaprofen that I had been prescribed for an earlier autoimmune problem as I was aching and swollen and I found it helped me too..Felt better and slept better too. 

  • Are you in menopause?

  • hello there 

    i totally understand this   its very random and can change from hour to hour

    i could be cold just out of bed then later sitting at laptop and feeling internally hot

    its so frustrating 

  • I'm the same too, sweaty Betty! Sometimes I only have to have a warm drink, or touch hot water and the sweat pours down my back :-( it's so embarrassing. I can't stand my hair on my neck as it gets so sweaty, I had 12 ins cut off my hair in November thinking it would keep me cooler, wrong! It was so much easier long so I could have my hair up off my neck. When it gets around 19deg it may as well be 30deg I get so wretched, we have had to leave so many places so I can get home and strip off. I know low cortisol can do this, I chatted to many people on an Addison's Facebook page where they had to carry fans in their bag, one chap had to change 4 times a day! We all have a wonky thermostat. I have taken my temperature during on of these episodes and it's always below normal!

  • I was excessively hot from the age of thirty to the age of sixty!  I never had a hot flush because I was hot all the time.  Hated going into other peoples houses and needed all the windows opened!  My poor son has been suffering the same way for several years now - he cant go into pubs without feeling terrible!  No doctor has ever understood because we are supposed to feel cold!   I did read that some people feel hot in Dr Skinner's book.

  • I have terrible sweats Im only 42 and am on 75mg levothyroxin, I ve noticed its so bad at night but now even if I mildly exert myself Im drenched its really awful 

  • My thermostat packed up years ago, if I was a boiler I'd  be at the bottom of the heap in the scrapyard ! I can go from feeling extremely cold with purple hands and feet  to profuse sweating in a matter of minutes. Have to have a fan on when doing hair & makeup and a portable air con unit for vacuuming. If I could afford it I'd have air con units fitted in every room.

  • Oh I so understand putting on makeup!

    I purposefully don't wear it on a day to day basis, apart from a bit of eyebrow pencil and sometimes mascara.

    If I get done up for a "do" I can feel the sweat gathering as I put on the lightest of foundation and have to apply makeup with the window open!

    Went to a posh do in London and soon as I stepped onto the Tube train and the doors closed, I could feel the makeup sliding down my face! LOL!

  • Haras, as a side note, you might want to get them to test your ANA etc (antibodies)...Sometimes when you have one autoimmune problem, another can come along...With some of those other autoimmune problems, night sweats is a symptom too...It is with menopause looming too though...so much stuff and symptoms cross over, but good to be sure...

  • So glad I read this, thought I was suppose to be forever cold but i can't figure out why some days I have no hot flashes and others continually I am forever throwing off the bed covers, mainly on my chest upwards, it's awful and debilitating especially at work, people chuckle and think it's a meno related thing, pretty sure it's not as it's been going on for years now I just wished I could control it.

  • Oh my gosh, yes, you are describing me!  I'm so hot, I get out of breath, get dizzy and have to lay down. I have Hashimotos and my doc started back in Oct 2015 giving me Armour and Levothroxine.  She keeps bumping it up.  But my last blood test had a high TSH, so she said my brain was telling my thyroid to make too much with the T3 or T4.  I'm a little mixed up.  I was there at my rheumatologist yesterday.  I told her how badly I sweat and get immediate exhaustion, which makes me gasp for air and get really dizzy.  I do have pulmonary issues as well so it might be that.  I might have exercise induced asthma, I just don't know.  I feel like the laziest person on the planet.  I taught kindergarten/first grade for 33 years, and my house was immaculate.  What the hell happened????  I did have a recent live blood culture on a slide and it showed these parasites wiggling in my blood and it showed Biofilms and the biggie...Boreiss or something like that.  It is  the bacteria associated with Lyme disease.  Now I need to find a doc to put me on the protocol for all of these!  I just wanna be me again!

  • Candy Girl - are you in the UK?  If so, I would recommend you visit one of the Thyroid UK doctors from their website who are sympathetic to Armour etc.  You will be you again, honestly!  You just need to track down the cause for your autoimmune diseases!  I recommend you read this: amazon.co.uk/Hashimotos-Thy...

  • Hi everyone

    This seems such a common problem!  I have Hashis & have been suffering with hot sweats & flushing for years.  Asked my docs if they could prescribe HRT as I've heard that can help - I'm 54 & docs say I'm past menopause, so they won't do anything.... I sweat like a pig at night & have to kick off covers, turn over the pillow - Day times, my face goes bright RED - which is just SO embarrassing!  I look like I've just run a marathon - lol.  There doesn't seem to be any particular triggers - fatigue & stress don't help for sure.  Dry mouth, skin & lips just seem the norm for me.  Last couple of bloods shows levels all in range, but have been having problems with my kidney functions - mad fluctuations between 75%  down to 37% which is somewhat alarming!

    My deepest sympathies to all!!

  • Hi Haras,

    My understanding is as well as sweating to cool down, we sweat to eliminate toxins,and the biggest organ for doing that is our skin.

    Perhaps something we consume, be it food,drinks,meds, or breath in, disagrees with us and becomes the overload. So we could throw it up, evacuate it, or even quicker and maybe gentler, sweat it out.

    Ive seen friends (women) without thyroid/Hashi's, consume either alcohol,tea,spicy food etc and within minutes they are sweating. The only difference is that they dont have it like us ,at the slightest move,slightest exertion, but i suspect its possibly and overload and elimination issue which the liver is handling as best it can.

    I hope we all get to finding what that pesky trigger is......process of elimination ?

    Best wishes G

  • Its lovely to know that I am not alone and that there are plenty of sufferers alongside me.   I had a child who refused to come into my lessons because it is always so cold in my classroom!    I now have a fan positioned right behind my head that blows every month of the year!!!!!  

  • Im almost 60, but been hypothyroid since age roughly 42....My menopause was aprox age 53 ....its been like last 3 years ive really been sweating big time...so hormone shifts most likely, and over medicated a bit too...BUT, thats just me...I sweat all over, and when i moisturize after a bath, i become slimey...Lol....I mostly dislike my top lip sweating....i think its getting more pruney looking than it should be at almost 60...

  • Have any of you measured your body temperature throughout the day? I'm male and diagnosed with secondary hypothyroidism, feel hot but my body temperature is low and my skin feels cold, even though I'm feeling hot.

  • I tried taking my temp and it was normal or low.

  • I am just like you.  With the slightest exertion, I get hot.  In the summer, I am dripping while my friends are fine.  My GP could find no reason for this and I have been having it for 3 years.  I am Hypo and have been taking 25 mcg Levothyroxine.  I asked for blood tests including hormones and adrenal glands.   She said they were normal but low.  I have been using a small amount of Estrogen so tried using Progesterone cream (Emerita) and thought that it helped some.  I am 71 and post-menopausal.  I also had read that taking Vitamin B supplements would help.  My Endocrinologist gave me a pill prescription for the progesterone and it has really helped me sleep deeper but doesn't help getting to sleep.  Since I have been on the vitamin and hormone regimen,  I have had instances of being cold which didn't happen at all this winter.  I hardly wore a coat and hardly used my heat.  The real test will be when the weather is warmer, but I think I am making progress in straightening out my body thermostat.

  • Hi I have not read all of the comments on here but for me I have never suffered from burning up.  However I did find that when I was levothyroxine and have been undermedicated I do sweat at night.  However I also had a hormonal imbalance. 

    Have you ever had any blood work and had your ft3 looked at and made sure that your cortisol levels etc are ok?

    I have found that since switching to ndt I don't feel as hot at night and I also found that changing my diet and eating a plant based also helps me feel better.

    I have also found that the mattress that I was using made me feel very hot and since changing my mattress I feel so much better now.

  • I am so glad you posted. I have all of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism except one, I am never cold. My endo keeps wanting to lower my Synthroid dosage. I think I need a new doctor. Thanks for posting. I don't have any suggestions but you obviously are not alone.

  • Never rely on standard thyroid function tests and always ignore when your gp says you are normal! What you describe is not consistent with hypothyroidism but is more of an adrenal symptom. Go to a functional medicine doctor or Homeopath and look at stopthethyroidmadness.com for great information.

  • Just read these comments again and couldn't help chuckling to myself ...sorry ...... I reckon if we all stood in an empty swimming pool at the same time and did a little jig i'm certain we'd be swimming in no time!

  • good one butterfly65!!!!! lol

  • Hi Haras,I'm so sorry 2 ere ur going through this, u sound very much like me, I av under active thyroid & I take 200mcg daily, I've just ad my blood done, & waiting 4 results. I don't need 2 do anything & my body over heats 2 the extreme were water is running through my hair & dripping on 2 the rest of me, I'av 2 sit day & nite with a desk top fan on at the side of me , also I'av one in the kitchen & one at the side of my bed at nite that I keep on setting 1 all nite, the other I can turn on & off as & when I need 2, but there ar mainly on the majority of the time, My Dr puts this down 2 fibro, but I think It's my thyroid, so now I av 2 wait & see when I get my tests back, which should be Monday (18/4/16 ). If it isn't I don't no what I'm going 2 do, as I'm struggling 2 live with this problem, as I suffer from many other health problems, During the day I tend 2 live in my nite wear, cos when I wear my normal cloths, there just feel damp, It's such a dreadful thing 2 suffer with, I really hope u manage 2 work out what is causing u this problem too. I will follow u & if I find out what may b the cause of this, I will b able 2 let u no & maybe it will b of some help 2 u.  I really hope my test or something will shed some light on this problem 4 us & anybody else that may suffer with this. Good luck chic.x

                                  Gentle Hugs x.

  • Perhaps check out Pregnenolene Steal as the HPA and HPT axis are so interconnected. If Aldosterone is low (pupil dilation test) then we can drink a profuse amount of water but are actually very dehydrated.  I'm hiding e-lyte in drinks throughout the day and having Himalayan salt in freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. The lower leg muscle cramps I was experiencing have diminished  along with night sweats.  A work in progress.  Hope this helps?


  • So interesting reading this, as although I do have times when I do feel cold (Usually only when really tired) the rest of the time I am either overheating or very close to it!  I've been HypoT for 21 years & am only 44.  I do however, have another illness alongside it, related to Narcolepsy, Called Idiopathic Hypersomnia.  (called idiopathic as they are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause)  Numerous people also suffering from IH have trouble regulating their thermostats, & say the same kind of things.  

    I don't think in my case it is related to the HypoT however, as I have always been like it, since before my HypoT diagnosis, in fact, since I was a child.  Weirdly enough, I have night sweats, in fact, when I sleep, my internal temperature seems to go crazy, & I am like a furnace....in fact so hot, that when my hubby lies close to me I make him sweat! lol!  We have a fan on at night, throughout the winter or summer, have only a thin 7 tog quilt....luckily for him I keep him warm enough!!! lol


  • I am the opposite. I am currently sleeping at night with the central heat on 80F in the middle of a Texas summer.

    But during the day when awake, I have to have the AC on 74 or lower or I am burning up.

    How's that for one messed up thyroid?

    It's a vicious cycle.

  • Since I've been hypo my body can't regulate my temperature properly. When it's cold I'm freezing, when it's warm I'm boiling. I have to wear gloves & fleece socks indoors in autumn & winter even tho heating is on. I get hot & sweaty after eating so have to strip off.

  • So pleased I'm not entirely alone.. but very sorry that you are going through hell with it. It really sucks doesn't it. I prefer to be freezing to sweating most of the time but it's very rarely cold here so I spend all of winter dreading the summer instead of enjoying each season. Perth in Australia gets very hot and I whinge all the time and prob drive everyone mad.

  • Does anyone one here who's subclinical hypo auttome have brain pain om ran screaming pain in skill and all glands for eg be bind and front of ears neck shouder underarms to chest very painful groins behind knee caps as well as bone pain to

  • I was freezing in the five years or so that I was undiagnosed, then normalish, now I take a higher amount of medication and do often feel very hot, so I guess there's some kind of an imbalance, but I really do need the extra so I have to put up with it!

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