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Anyone on Eltroxin or L-Thyroxine by Takeda?


So, my doctor sent me a prescription for levo. I specifically asked her to use the generic name as I don't want Euthyrox that I've been on in the past since it has been reformulated to include mannitol. I know many patients have complained about Teva's levothyroxine which contains mannitol, and I've also seen some negative reviews about the new Euthyrox. So I'd prefer a product without mannitol.

The pharmacy told me there are two alternatives:


-L-Thyroxine by Takeda

It seems Eltroxin is Canadian(?), and I found some articles about it being reformulated as well and working less well since. It does seem to be available in the UK as well, though, so if anyone is on it, I'd appreciate to know how you're doing on it.

I've never heard of Takeda's product but, if anyone has, I'd appreciate any input!

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Eltroxin in the UK is manufactured within the UK for Mercury Pharma (part of Advanz - formerly Concordia International). It is identical to Mercury Pharma levothyroxine. This has long been different to the USA version of Eltroxin from Glaxo Smith Kline.

Eltroxin in much of the rest of the world is from Aspen who bought the "rest of world" rights from Glaxo Smith Kline.

The first step involved manufacture being transferred from north America to Germany AND the formulation changing.

(If you really want, you can read the report on the issues this caused in New Zealand: )

For a while, both Eltroxin from GSK/Aspen AND from Mercury Pharma were available in New Zealand at the same time.

It is quite possible that some countries have a product called Eltroxin which is different again... Indeed, I do not know if Eltroxin in north America is still available and if it is manufactured in Canada or the USA.

In other words, be careful you do not fall into one of the many traps. Make 100% sure you know exactly what is on offer.

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Thanks a lot! It never gets any easier, does it?!

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It is diabolical.

If you hadn't followed the story, it would be hard to pick it up now. I was aware at the time hence have stashed quite a lot in my memory!


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