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Advice on getting a thyroid ultra scan done privately


So I visited the ENT clinic, and they couldn't find any issues (see last post), and so I'm considering getting an ultra scan done privately to check for any possible issues with the thyroid.

Has anyone gone the same route? If so, any advice would be appreciated. My main concern is finding a service where they can also interperate the results (otherwise it's a waste of time/money).


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I once paid to have bloods done in a private hospital-I had to chase them up to give me the results and even then weren’t very helpful so be very careful.

I hope someone can give you more help. I would start off ringing a private hospital and asking if they could do what you want, the cost and what feedback would this include. May be ask the same in an NHS hospital and ask if it is possible to be treated privately. If they say yes then say more about your wishes.

I would not pay for one myself. I have had two on the NHS and you should be able have one as well. I waited over 6 weeks for my last one because my surgery made a cock up (mistake) as usual.

Treat yourself to a trip to Athens where you can walk off the street and have any type of scan. My local village in Crete had a scanning Clinic about 25 euro for a thyroid scan. Also a blood testing clinic - and a heart clinic. All private but affordable. Cannot understand why it does not happen in the UK - taking the pressure off the hospitals 😥 Great solution for all those empty shop units everywhere as so little space is needed ... Greece may be broke but they have great systems in place ...

BrecklandRanger in reply to Marz

Interesting. I may get a passport, and head over there!

Btw, I heard that you can buy T3, B12 (injectables), from over the counter in Greece. Is this true?

Marz in reply to BrecklandRanger

Yes B12 is available OTC - Articlox - 3 phials and syringes under 5 euro. T3 was prescription only for me but you may find the odd box when you are in Athens ...

Hi BrecklandRanger I’ve looked into this and there’s a few clinics in London that will do a private scan, but some still need a referral from GP. So I asked GP about NHS referral, he said there had to be an obvious lump, so even if he referred me, they’d probably refuse to do the scan if no lump. If you can get to London I can pm with some info, haven’t had one myself but may do in the future.

Thank you, I may try that. There seem to be a few services online (no GP referral needed) and are kinda cheap (£99 upwards).

Did anyone feel your thyroid area for nodules? Can you feel one? If you do not have nodules I don't think I would pay for a private ultrasound, get private blood tests instead looking particularly for antibodies and TSH (for a first approximation) to see if you have Hashi's or Graves. Then post your results here for the next step.

BTW, private blood tests (at e.g. Medichecks) are a lot cheaper than a private ultrasound scan.

Lora7again in reply to LAHs

My Doctor listened to my goitre with a stethoscope to see if there was increased blood flow to my thyroid.


helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

A link about how a doctor should examine patients for thyroid disorders:

Thyroid Status Examination – OSCE Guide [Objective Structured Clinical Examination]

Lora7again in reply to helvella

Yes Dr Skinner did that as well asking me if I could see something out of the corner of my eye like a mouse .... I didn't by the way.

LAHs in reply to helvella

That's really interesting. I love those step by step guides that anyone can follow. I used to write stuff like that for the kids in the lab at the university and they all said they loved them. It kept them off my back too otherwise I would have been saying the same thing 10 times over every day.

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