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T3 starting dose

Hi all,

I have an appointment tomorrow where I am going to try to get my doctor to write me a private prescription for t3. Just wondering how much do I need to ask for the prescription for? And what does the prescription need to say if I am buying it from Germany?

Thanks so much

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Liothyronine 20mcg

100 tablets

Where to send your prescription in this article:


Members have mentioned good experiences with parcelmed and bennewitz.


thanks so much, I get my t4 from bennewitz and they have always been really good 😊


Before the appointment, email Dionne at Thyroid Uk for list of recommended thyroid specialists

please email Dionne at


If GP won't write a private prescription (pretty likely) then request a referral to an NHS endocrinologist (if there's one on the list in your area....it might be a long wait

Suggest you print out relevant section on pages 13-16 of this recent report by The Patients Association on the current inadequate treatment of thyroid patients



thank you so much. I will definitely print that out. Its an appointment with an Endo i have, I dont know what the chances are but its worth a try 😊 thanks again


If your NHS endocrinologist says you have clinical need of T3 you should be prescribed a 3-6 month trial on the NHS via the endo/hospital

Assuming the trial goes well, then ongoing care and cost of prescribing is passed to GP

Annual review back with endocrinologist

If endocrinologist is private consultation then they should give you a private prescription


My endo write Thybon Henning on the prescription along with Liothyronine, also my date of birth (Don’t know if this is relevant).

Hope you get your prescription ok. ☺️


that's great, thank you so much!


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